Friday, September 9, 2011

The Goblin War by Hilari Bell & GIVEAWAY

Source: ARC from HarperTeen in exchange for a fair and honest review

The Goblin War by Hilari Bell (Third book in the series)

My summary:

While the Realm has been fighting with itself about what to do about the barbarians bearing down on them from the south, the barbarians have been growing stronger on the strange magic of the death amulets. Only Jariah, Makenna, and Tobin figure out what’s really going on. But will they be able to wade through the political mess left by the traitorous Priest Lazur to do any good? Fighting a losing battle and torn away from each other, the three will have to come up with the craziest battle plan yet to pull this one off.

My thoughts:

5 stars – a must read

So I have loved the whole series that Hilari created. While I like to read fantasy, I sometimes get bogged down in the many creatures and magic that I can’t enjoy the story. Hilari has struck that perfect balance of fantasy with fabulous plot so that neither is overwhelming. I have loved that about all three books. Her world building is right on.

I also realized while reading this one how much I loved rotating through the different POV. I found I missed Tobin in book two and was so glad to have more of him in this book. And the rotation made the book more appealing to read. Makenna was sometimes harsh, Tobin heroic and Jeriah idealistic but with the different POV, I learned so much more about them and grew to love all three of them. I also loved how this story wasn’t about the romance but Tobin and Makenna obviously loved each other. That made it all the more real to me.

The story was action packed and thrilling at times. Plans and schemes that were developed never went off quite right. Everything that could go wrong often did. If you were to stop and ask yourself, what is the worst possible thing that could happen on the next page, then turning the page you would probably find that it did. But the ending was masterfully developed to bring closer to a wonder series. I highly recommend the whole series to those who love fantasy.  The book releases October 11, 2011.  Happy reading.

*******Giveaway Info*******

Gonna giveaway the ARC that I received from HarperTeen of The Goblin War.  This is the third book in this series.   If you are interested in this ARC, just follow StuckInBooks and fill out the rafflecopter below.

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