Friday, September 16, 2011

Always a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough

My Summary:

Tamsin Greene has discovered her talent and saved her family from the enemy, Alistair Knight. But the nightmares still haunt her and it’s far from over. When the past joins the future, she decides it’s time to take the fight to her families’ enemy. Traveling back in time to stop Alistair and to make sure the Knight talents are sealed for good, Tamsin faces a terrible choice. A choice that no one should have to make and no one else would choose. But that’s Tamsin, a beacon to her family forever.

My Thoughts:

4 stars – a great read

As I did with the first book, I raced through the first hundred pages in nothing flat. The book in total took me less than a day. Carolyn’s style is easy, comfortable to read. The world is just as enjoyable as it was in the first book. I was happier with the plot in this book as well. The first book felt jumpy to me where this one was comfortable. The plot wasn’t predictable though I got a few things right. The ending caught me by surprise.  I certainly got all of my questions from book answered. And while Gabriel and Tamsin’s relationship continues in this book, I was disappointed in it. A huge chunk of the book (almost half) is without Gabriel. And when he is around, he feels like a sidekick instead of her boyfriend. I guess I’m too much of a romantic. I wanted more.

If you read Once Upon a Witch, then you need to read this one. Even if you didn’t, this book can stand on its own. But don’t expect the romance in this paranormal read.


  1. I loved Once a Witch and have been waiting for it's sequel for's not even in Malaysia yet..oh dear