Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey

Source: ARC I won in a giveaway

My summary:

Wren is a senior. Her father is gone. Her mother won’t talk to her aunt. Oh and she has the same power that her mother has but that has never been explained to her. It’s ignored and frowned upon. She doesn’t understand how to use it or how to control it. So when her boyfriend, her first love, dies what’s an untrained witch to do? She wants Danny back so much that she finds a way to bring him back. But what she gets back isn’t what she had. Wren never thought it through. Trying to hide Danny and balance school and family, Wren is losing it. Add Gabriel, the new hotty at school who seems very interesting in Wren. How can Wren make it right?

My thoughts:

3 stars – a good read

I had a hard time getting into this book. I’m not really sure why but I spent the first hundred pages trying to get into it. It may be that there was a lot of background that we needed for the story to happen. I almost wish we had lived through part of it with Wren. I think I may have cared more about her if I had watched it happen instead of heard about it in hindsight. But when the action finally went live, so to speak, I enjoyed it. My favorite character is Gabriel. He has some mystery about him that we never learn about, maybe in book two. But that mystery made him interesting to me. I liked that he never gave up on Wren even when she acts like, well a witch. I’m not sure what he sees in her but something is there.

Wren’s mom is a strange one to me too. What was she thinking? How would untrained power ever be a wise idea? I guess I kept thinking that Wren needed to tell her mom what had happened. She had some responsibility in Wren’s choices since she didn’t train her to use the power they have in common. I hope that there is some resolution between the two of them in book two as well. There is a lot of mystery about Wren’s dad as well. Clearly I need to read book two to find out the whole story.

And I do want to read book two. Cold Kiss is a good paranormal read but it wasn’t my favorite of late.

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  1. Huh. I've always thought this was a realistic fiction. Probably because I've never read any blurbs about the book. Thanks for the insight! ;)

  2. I totally fell into this book. I loved every bit of Cold Kiss. Funny how differently two people see things?! Nice review!

  3. I enjoyed Cold Kiss but I never felt like we got the whole story, especially with the mom.