Monday, September 5, 2011

Fury by Elizabeth Mills

Source: Simon & Schuster Galley Grab in exchange for a fair and honest review

My summary:

Emily thinks she’s in love with her best friend’s boyfriend. But she would never act on it. Gabby is her best friend and Zach makes her so happy. Then Gabby goes to Spain for the winter holiday’s and leaves Em to keep an eye on Zach. And Zach wants to spend time with her. But she would never act on it. It would break Gabby’s heart.

Chase is from the wrong side of town but he’s also the star of the football team. He has to be very caution about everything he does and says to fit into this rich kid’s town. He carefully plans his clothes, who he talks to and what he says. He’s going to plan his date to the football feast carefully too. Then an old friend tries to kill herself but that doesn’t have anything to do with him. She hasn’t had anything to do with him since she shot him down in the 7th grade when he made the mistake of telling her he liked her. Why does it hit him so hard?

Three sisters have come to town to enact some revenge for the pain that has been caused. Their targets? Emily and Chase. Do they deserve it? Can they stop it? Who are these sisters and why are they in the game of revenge?

My thoughts:

2 stars – not my taste

I’ve read books with the furies in it before. The Percy Jackson series had the furies in the back ground and I enjoyed that series. I guess I wasn’t expecting the furies to take center stage. Maybe I didn’t expect them to be as cruel as they were. Bottom line, I didn’t like the premise. The idea that making a mistake can only be paid for by receiving the exact same pain you dished out. That there are no mitigating factors, that there is no consideration for what other good things you have done or are doing in your life. That there is no regard for how others are affected when the revenge is handed out. Life is just too complicated to be that simplistic. So I didn’t enjoy the plot at all.

The characters are a different story. I loved JD. He is such a great guy who put up with a lot. I felt bad for him. I liked Chase, despite his faults. He did do something he shouldn’t have, something that caused someone else a great deal of pain but he never deserved what he got. He had his own issues and struggles. Life was not easy for that young man. I truly felt sorry for him. I didn’t like Emily. I ended up feeling sorry for her too but I don’t really care about her. Not sure I would even read the next book to find out what happens next with her. Gabby is shallow and not really a best friend. I don’t like her. Zach is a jerk and I wasn’t surprised by the ending at all, though I wouldn’t want his fate anymore than I thought the other two were necessary. I just didn’t like this book.

Despite all of this, I gave it two stars because the writing was good, the plot wasn’t predictable, and characters were real. It just wasn’t for me but maybe you will like it better. 


  1. Reviews like this make me nervous about picking up this book. I love the mythology of the Furies and I don't want to ruin it for myself. :/


  2. I'm a big fan of mythology so I'll probably still try this one out. I am curious about the furies. I guess I'll go into it knowing one of my favorite reviewers isn't crazy about it ;) That way I can't be disappointed.