Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Waiting On Wednesday ~ 3/13/19

This is our version of Waiting on Wednesday but with more cuddles, books we can't wait to cuddle for various reasons.

What are we waiting on this week?  THIS!

Friday Night Lights meets Morgan Matson's The Unexpected Everything in this contemporary debut where swoonworthy romance meets underdog sports story.

When softball star Liv Rodinsky throws one ill-advised punch during the most important game of the year, she loses her scholarship to her fancy private school, her boyfriend, and her teammates all in one fell swoop. With no other options, Liv is forced to transfer to the nearest public school, Northland, where she'll have to convince their coach she deserves a spot on the softball team, all while facing both her ex and the teammates of the girl she punched... Every. Single. Day.

Enter Grey, the injured star quarterback with perfect hair and an even more perfect plan: if Liv joins the football team as his temporary replacement, he'll make sure she gets a spot on the softball team in the Spring. But it will take more than the perfect spiral for Liv to find acceptance in Northland's halls, and behind that charming smile, Grey may not be so perfect after all.

With well-drawn characters and a charming quarterback love interest who's got brains as well as brawn, Throw Like a Girl will have readers swooning from the very first page.

Coming January 7, 2020 from Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Why am I waiting?  A girl filling in for a quarterback on a High School football team?  Oh yeah, I want to read that story!  You?

Dark Swan (Shattered Souls, #1)Cursed forever to be an ugly duckling in the shadows… my beauty and magic hidden away from the light…

Thom has owned me for so many years; he loves me for my beauty, although you wouldn’t know for how often he leaves bruises upon my skin. And if I even think of shifting? That’s what the worst punishments are reserved for.

My body aches to let my feathers out, for my wings to stretch to the sky and to feel the sweet relief of the world disappearing beneath me…but I’m trapped, locked up, and hidden away.

None of the swans Thom keeps are allowed to show their true colors, but it’s worse for me because I’m the only one of us who’s different. Black wings, fragile heart, and legs that won’t stop dancing in the dark… Thom would kill me if I ever used my magic to escape.

I am his Dark Swan, after all. I’ll always belong to him.

But then one day, freedom calls in the distance. My carriage spills over, and death comes for me…and introduces me to four shifters who will save my life, just as surely as I will save theirs. A bear, a lion, a jaguar, and a wolf, all as broken and as destructive as me.

It’s with them I find out I was never meant for the light, and that freedom is found in the depths of the dark.

Releases May 19th, 2019!

Why am I waiting? The first thing that caught my eye about this one was of course that stunning cover. LOOK AT IT. I can't get over it. Then I had to read the description, because duh. And this book sounds like it is going to be so freaking good. The only problem is that I have to wait all the way until MAY to read it. MAY! *cries*

That's what we're waiting on this week! What do you think? What are you waiting on? Leave us a comment and link us up!


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