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Three For Me by Sofia Clarke ~ Review

Three For Me - A Reverse Harem RomanceSource: KindleUnlimited.

Three For Me by Sofia Clarke

After going through a terrible breakup, Bailey is convinced that no man will ever want her. When she makes a wish to find love, however, everything changes. She meets three smoking-hot guys who want to show her just how desirable she is. She has to decide...will she run away from their affection or go for everything she wants?

Warning: In this sweet, steamy romance novel, her heroes are totally obsessed and eager to please. Sometimes wishes really do come true. This is a standalone story with an HEA or HFN guaranteed!

I can't remember exactly where I came across this one, but I know it caught my eye because 1) it's reverse harem and 2) the warning in the description is what I wanted to read. So lucky for me that this book is exactly as described--a sweet, steamy romance with very devoted heroes. All of which I had a great time reading.

My personal favorite aspect of the novel was, of course, the harem: Riley, Stephen, and Felipe. They're all so kind and sweet and protective and make up the perfect harem. But another top notch aspect to them is that they know exactly what they want and don't act any differently. They thing Bailey is amazing--and tell her that from the start. And then they continue to tell her. They're so open and honest. And funny. I really enjoyed them.

Then there's Bailey who is a great character, but also made this story a step more than just an indulgent romantic read. She's very unsure of herself. Her self-esteem isn't the highest, and she has trouble trusting--both others and herself. She knows what she wants but needs to gain the courage to go for it. And so this is the story of her journey through all that. Where she meets these guys and they help her gain confidence and finally take what she wants for herself. By the end of the book, I really admired Bailey.

The romance was very much full of insta-love. Personally, I was here for it. Especially since between the insta-love and actual relationship development, there was time for Bailey and the guys to get to know each other. Things progressed in a pretty solid way--they started with strong feelings, but were friends before anything officially more. 

So the question now is: why not 5 stars? And I don't have much of an answer, because this book is what I wanted when I picked it up. It's exactly what it says it'll be. But it also didn't feel like a 5 star read to me. I liked it a lot but I didn't love it. I didn't feel super emotionally invested. It was a quick read that I had a good time reading and that was kind of that.

Overall, Three For Me is a light, fun RH romance. I'm glad I picked it up and would definitely recommend it if you're in the mood for something indulgent and sweet. 

3.5 stars - A sweet, fun RH story with super devoted heroes!

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  1. I have so many reads that should of been a five star read but like you was an easy read and was super emotionally invested. Sometimes just need that.

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