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Compassion Be Damned (Last Hope #4) by Rebecca Royce ~ Review

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Compassion Be Damned (Last Hope #4) by Rebecca Royce

It is the end of days…

Krystal has spent years locked in isolation, enduring torture day after day. It might drive a lesser woman mad. Her sudden freedom leads to a journey across the forbidding landscape. Unexpected allies appear, and new challenges block their path. Embracing every opportunity as a chance, Krystal must trust these five lost souls, her wild ability to heal, and most of all—herself.

They owe a debt they cannot pay…

Titus, Paden, Zeke, Ryland, and Jett spent years in bespelled servitude. Slaves to the unforgivable, they seek to atone for misdeeds beyond their power. Discovering a Sister alone in the woods, they pledge themselves to her service. Saving Krystal is more than a means to an end, though, as one by one she restores their hope, love, and faith. They will need all of their strength and hers. Loving her saved them, but losing her may save the world.

After the twist in book 3, I was looking forward to get into Krystal's REAL story. I'd greatly enjoyed this series so far and had predicted this one would be the same -- an easy assumption to make, seeing as Rebecca Royce writes some of the BEST reverse harem romance. And sure enough, she did again with this fourth installment in the Last Hope series.

It was super easy to get into this one. Krystal's storyline was interesting. Firstly because I liked Krystal. She didn't begin with heaps of confidence, but she was strong regardless and that was commendable. Secondly because I really liked her harem. They have a bit of a negative past (to say the least) but now that they're out of it, they're kind and fully remorseful. They're great guys.

Then there's the beauty that was the romance. My favorite part of all of this. How Rebecca Royce writes such amazing relationship development every single time, I do not know but I think I'll forever be in awe of it. I loved watching Krystal and her men get to know each other and get closer. It made it even easier to fly through the book.

My one and only gripe about the novel is that there were a few parts of the book that were kind of confusing to follow. Over halfway through, toward the end, it gets somewhat difficult to keep track of when things are happening...and even what is happening? Maybe it'll become clearer to me upon re-reads, but for now it's my only complaint about the book.

Overall, Compassion Be Damned is a romantic, solid addition to Rebecca Royce's Last Hope series--I was so invested and as a whole it was incredibly easy to get into. Looking forward to reading Aspen's story next!

4 stars - I was so invested in this awesome addition to the Last Hope series!

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