Friday, September 14, 2018

A Stuck In Books Giveaway

Val has a couple books to give away!
Both are ARCs

One of Us by Craig Dilouie

They call it the plague
A generation of children born with extreme genetic mutations.

They call it a home
But it's a place of neglect and forced labour.

They call him a Freak
But Dog is just a boy who wants to be treated as normal.

They call them dangerous
They might be right.

Stu Truly by Dan Richards

Bonnier Publishing USA has acquired Stu Truly, a middle-grade debut from picture book author Dan Richards, about a 12-year-old boy whose father owns the town butcher shop, and what happens when a new girl catches his eye—a girl who happens to be a vegetarian.

US addresses only

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  1. The last YA book I truly enjoyed was The Pioneer.

  2. "Last YA book you enjoyed?" "Revenge Of the Evil Librarian."

  3. Revenge of the evil librarian

  4. I don't always know if a book is a YA or not. I just read books because I like the reviews or the cover, lol I did like Broken Dolls but I'm not sure if it is YA or not :)

  5. Aristotle and Dante discover the universe is Young Adult title that I enjoyed.

  6. I really liked The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. Thanks for the giveaway!