Wednesday, October 29, 2014

#CuddlesByVal ~ 10/29/14

This is my version of Waiting on Wednesday but with more cuddles, books I can't wait to cuddle for various reasons.

What are we waiting on this week?  THIS!

Eleven months ago, bartender and weird-shirt-wearing extraordinaire Roxy and Officer Reece Anders had a one night stand. Well, kind of. She’s been in love with him since she was fifteen, and he wishes that night they shared never happened. She’s sworn him off forever, but the past and future collide, forcing her to rely on the one man who broke her heart not once, but twice.

Her best friend since birth has been in a long-term care facility since he became a victim of a hate crime years ago, and the person who put him in there is out of prison and wanting to make amends with him and Roxy. She’s not sure she has room for forgiveness in her and when she begins to receive frightening messages and is on the receiving end of escalating violence, she thinks she knows who is to blame. The man who already destroyed one life already.

But Reece isn’t convinced. The threats are too personal, and even if Roxy doesn’t believe him, he’s not willing to let anyone hurt her. Including himself. He’s already messed up more than once when it comes to Roxy and he’s not going to let history repeat itself.

Why am waiting? If you know me, there's no need to explain. Anything JLA writes and I'm standing in line to read it! But I love this series. The characters have all been strong and come alive for me. Can't wait for Roxy and Reece's story.

Chosen Thief (Forever Evermore, #4)CHOSEN THIEF (Forever Evermore #4) by Scarlett Dawn 

The second saga in the best-selling, ground-breaking Forever Evermore series begins with Chosen Thief, where the life of a skilled lawbreaker suddenly becomes much more than she ever wanted…

Caroline Jules knows death is imminent. She’s only 22, but as an inmate of Death Row in the most secure Mystical jail, what else could her future hold?

Caro has no idea. Her solitary, transient life is about to get flipped on its head when it is revealed that she is the new Prodigy Elemental, and she has responsibilities and ties that she can’t ever escape. Caro is attempting to run from a brutal past, but the Rulers have other plans for this thief’s future.

But the transition from a self-contained existence to life with the other Prodigies, the Kings and Queens, and even the Elders was never going to be easy, and Caro has secrets she’s loath to share. Suddenly she has friends, mentors, lovers – and they all want to know more about her than she is willing to reveal. Can she learn to thrive in the role of a future leader, or will the obligations scare her into disappearing again – this time forever?

First of all, this cover was just revealed a day or two ago, and DEAR GOODNESS. It's freaking fierce! Daaaang.

Now, why am I waiting? I have been singing the Forever Evermore series--and the author, Scarlett Dawn--praises ever since I read King Hall. I am in love with the writing and the stories and pretty much everything involved in Scarlett's books. This series is one of my absolute favorites, and I am so effing excited to dive into the next set of novels! I have this inkling that I'm going to fall in love with these ones just as much as I did the first set, and I can't wait to experience that. I'm also looking forward to seeing how the old characters fit into these ones--how the characters from the King set fit into the Chosen set. 

Okay. I can go on for a very long while about how GOSH DARN EXCITED I am for this book and more of this series and AHHHH. I seriously think I may cry when I finally get my hands on this one. (Which is what I did when I got King Tomb, so it isn't exactly unheard of.)

Those are the books we're waiting on this week! What do you think? What are you waiting on? Let us know in the comments!


  1. YES FALL WITH ME! I am sure that one will be awesome. Also, that Forever Evermore series looks amazing. I am going to check those out right now. Great picks!

  2. I just discovered JLA and I am in love with her writing. I am on the last Covenant book as I type. It is amazing :)

  3. Great picks. Really looking forward to the next JLA book.