Saturday, April 25, 2020

What Are You Currently Reading? (4)

Hello, friends! I hope you're all doing well and staying healthy. I've been working a lot and writing a lot of fanfiction and *gaspgaspgasp* reading a whole bunch! I'm actually three books ahead on my Goodreads goal, which is a huge improvement over my however many books I was behind only a couple of weeks ago. This weekend I'm kind of at an impasse because I...have no idea what exactly I'm picking up next. 

But let me show you what I'm working with!

Lost Star by Rebecca Royce

Lost Star: A Science Fiction Reverse Harem Romance (Wings of Artemis Book 11) by [Rebecca Royce]Evander wants her…

Trapped in stasis, Sienna reaches out to her caretakers with her mind. Awakened to the war, she must confront not only why the remains of the distant corporation wants her but her own chances at survival with the viruses riddling her system. The new crew of the Artemis will do anything to keep her safe though they long to defeat the overlords who have wreaked so much havoc.

They will do anything to protect her…

Super Soldiers Blaze, Anders, Corbin, and Kellan tease her with their blunt attitudes and artless charm. Human doctor Wade figured out the solution to hold the viruses at bay and wake the siren whose voice sustains him. Trenton, the wickedly talented human pilot, will use every skill he has to keep Artemis in fighting form. The ancient ship has her work cut out for her when a seventh soul inserts himself into their crew, stealing Sienna and possibly her heart.

As the Wings of Artemis races to its epic conclusion, Sienna will have to trust her heart and these men to save the galaxy or die in the attempt.

*Releases May 27th & will be available through KindleUnlimited!*

How much I've read: 255 pages (aka the entire book)

Thoughts: Okay, so I blew through this entire book last Sunday. It's the upcoming installment of one of my all-time favorite series, and once it landed in my inbox I really had no choice but to binge. So I did. And it was so freaking GOOD. It's reverse harem, and all the guys are amazing. I keep trying to pick a favorite and then change my mind...maybe someday I'll be able to definitively narrow it down. Only two chapters into it I was smiling my face off. It was everything I wanted. And if you enjoy reverse harem, I strongly recommend the Wings of Artemis series. 

After reading Lost Star, I read another reverse harem book called Jane's Team. It was entertaining but not amazing. After that, I re-read book 2 of the Veil Diaries series, which is also RH. I considered re-reading through book 5 so I could continue on to book 6 (which is where I left off back when I was reading this series in the first place) buuuut after looking at the sample of book 6 I'm not sure it's going to hit the spot the way I want it to and I'm terrified of being disappointed so I've shelved that idea for now.

Which leaves me here. I'm kind of in an RH mood but no RH books seem to be sticking out to me. Here's a few books I'm considering picking up next:

Angie's Gladiator (Icehome, #5)I Temporarily DoFrom Blood and Ash (Blood And Ash, #1)Crave (Crave, #1)

Angie's Gladiator: It is no secret I've been working my way through Ruby Dixon's books. First Bound to the Battle God, then Ice Planet Barbarians, then Sworn to the Shadow God, and now Icehome. While some of her books are better to me than others, all of them so far have been at least good. Most of them have been more than good. And the romance continues to be top notch. Especially Icehome--the first three books of the series were super strong. I think this is the highest contender for me because I know I'm going to get something that will warm my heart and it'll be a quick read that won't bog me down. Wins all around!

I Temporarily Do: This one was free so I grabbed it and it checks all my boxes. Fake relationship? Check. Fluff? Check. Humor? Check. I've read multiple reviews and I have high hopes that I'll enjoy this one. So I'm eyeing it up big time...but idk if it's exactly what I'm in the mood for at this moment. 

From Blood and Ash: I have this one in ebook and paperback and I keep looking at it and I kind of feel an urge to read it. And it's JLA so I KNOW it's going to be good. But. It's high fantasy. And high fantasy takes time to get into--because world building. Not sure I'm in a patient enough reading mindset quite yet. But hopefully soon? Or maybe I'll just take the plunge? We'll see, I suppose!

Crave: This has been compared to Twilight and that has me drooling. Literally the only reason I didn't read Crave the day I bought it was because I'm nervous to have to wait for the sequel. I'm here for vampires every day of my life, and I'm so here for something Twilight-esque. If the comparisons are even close, it'll be wonderful. But possible cliffhangers and waiting for sequels concern me, so we'll see how long I hold out before I just binge the f out of this beauty.

So that's what's going on for me, reading-wise. Now I'd love to know! What are you reading? And any guidance on the books I'm looking at to pick up next?? :)