Friday, April 3, 2020

Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan ~ Review

Jack Norton is a GhostWalker, a genetically enhanced sniper with a merciless sense of justice, a phantom welcomed by the anonymity of the night. But a mission to rescue his brother in the jungle has left him vulnerable to rebel forces. His only salvation is his power of telepathy. Then he meets Briony, an unusual beauty on a mission of her own. But they share more than the sweltering heat ... Briony shares the GhostWalker powers. Yet she's different. She doesn't know what she is, or what she's capable of. But her enemies do. And Jack and Briony's flight will take them into frightening conspiracy of mind and body - across the globe and into the heart of darkness, where the shocking truth is something neither of them could have foreseen - or can escape...

Jack is a Ghostwalker and a twin.  When his twin brother is captured on a mission to rescue a Senator, Jack goes in to rescue him.  But it's a swap.  They rescue Ken but Jack gets captured.  That's not a good thing for the soldiers that have Jack.  He's not the kind to escape and run.  No, Jack escapes and turns on them.  And no one wants this sniper after them.

 I really enjoyed this story, especially Jack and his twin.  They have a great relationship.  Jack will do anything for his twin and vise versa.  Their family history is heartbreaking.  I admired them both and their emotional strength.  Jack would do what needed to be done to avenge the torture of his twin.  I was cheering him on.

But it become clear that things aren't as they appear.  The twins have been set-up.  Nothing is at it appears.  But Jack is a Ghostwalker.  Good luck getting him.

Through the conspiracy, Jack does the unexpected.  He's a serious tough guy.  But the ridiculous attraction he feels for Briony can't be denied.  Her skills mirror his, though she isn't trained as a soldier.  Without an anchor her whole life, she struggles just to be around people.  Jack settles her.  Though, they can't stay together, yeah good luck with that.

The characters are always interesting in this author's stories.  I really enjoyed both Jack and Briony.  But I also loved Briony's adopted brothers and, of course, Ken, Jack's twin.  This is the first book with characters outside the main group of Ghostwalkers we met in book 1.  But I learned to trust Logan and this group of Ghostwalkers.  More stories for the future, hooray.

Clues are dropped in this one about what's really going on in this world.  It's a tangled weave of a power play.  Who can they really trust?  The Senator is at the top of my list not to trust, but who knows.  That's a question to be answered in another book.  And I'll be jumping right into the next one.  

Binge reading this series and so enjoying it.  Have you read the Ghostwalker series?  You should. 


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