Monday, April 6, 2020

Captain Heartbreaker by Brighton Walsh ~ Review

Adventure's in Captain Hudson Miller’s blood. For the past ten years, he's spent his days in the sky, serving as a pilot for the Army. But where adventure called him away, something—someone—else is calling him home. On post-deployment leave, he escapes to the one place he hasn’t been since he enlisted: Havenbrook, Mississippi. Hometown of his momma’s peach cobbler, enough memories to last a lifetime, and the only girl who ever left an imprint on his heart.

Mackenna Haven thought she'd have her life figured out by now. Instead, she's a twenty-seven-year-old college drop out who works at her soon-to-be brother-in-law's bar and lives on her parents' land. No husband or kids to her name. Not even a consistent weekend booty call. She's been pretending she's happy working dead-end jobs in an even deader-end town, but she can't stop thinking she was meant for more than this.

After a childhood as best friends and a single weekend exploring more, Mackenna and Hudson haven't seen each other in ten years. But they made a pact that long ago weekend, and Hudson's coming to make good on his promise. Except she has no interest in it or him. After all, he walked away from her once already, and she's not interested in opening her heart and allowing him a second chance at destruction.

This is a friends to lovers, second change kinda book.  But it's also a figuring your life out kinda book.

Mac feels like she doesn't really contribute to the small town of Havenbrook.  A college drop out working at her soon to be brother-in-laws bar, she focuses on all the negative points of her life.  The only man she can see in her life is Hudson but he's the adventurous type that needs his army life.  So Mac is just stuck.

Hudson hasn't been home since he enlisted in the army 10 years ago.  He followed in his father's footsteps and thought to complete his dad's dream of retiring from the army.  But he's doing it for the wrong reason and being home, in Havenbrook, has other ideas of what will make him happy floating to his thoughts.  But he can't get his Kenna on board.  She doesn't want to leave Havenbrook and she's afraid of the long distance relationship.

But life has a way of throwing some curve balls.  That's what happens to Mackenna and Hudson.  Both need to figure out what they really want.  Maybe see what's right in front of their faces.  It's a fun adventure to share with them.

Love these characters.  I've met many of the secondary characters before in a previous book.  It's a charming little town in Mississippi.  Everyone in everyone else's business.  Everyone loving each other.  So fun.

The feel of this books is just happy.  Yes, they are working on figuring out their lives but Mackenna and Hudson together just feels right.  It felt right being in the pages and a great distraction from my own life.

This is a great author to take a chance on.  If you haven't read this series, it's all good.  They can be read stand alone.  Just good stuff.


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