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Ice Planet Holiday, Barbarian's Prize, Barbarian's Mate (Ice Planet Barbarians #4.5-6 by Ruby Dixon ~ Review

Hi, friends! I've been working on the Ice Planet Barbarians series since December, as I'm certain I've mentioned once or twice or twenty times. Since I've been binge reading them for a while, I'm kind of far into the series. I'm on book 17, and I'm also 4 books into the Icehome series. So instead of trying to wrack my memory to write a long, full-length review for each book, I'm going to write little mini reviews instead. Just a paragraph, maybe two if I'm feeling wordy. But it'll give my overall opinion of the book.

All this snow and no holidays? What's a stranded human to do?

Create a new holiday, of course. Georgie and the other women decide to bring some new traditions and cheer to the sa-khui. More babies are born, presents are exchanged, and a new romance blossoms between a human woman desperate for a change, and the alien determined to protect her.

This 25,000 word novella is NOT intended as a stand-alone. Looking for a place to start? Try ICE PLANET BARBARIANS, Book #1 in the series.

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Loved the idea. I'm always here for a holiday story, especially since I read this one during the holiday season. That said, the execution didn't quite hit the mark for me. I was glad to get Claire's story. Her situation and seeing her romance with Ereven was interesting and great, and I wish this story had focused on more of that instead of spending as much time with Georgie. Georgie got her own entire book--it felt a bit unnecessary to give Georgie so much screen time when what I truly wanted was more Claire and Ereven. I definitely like getting to see past characters as the series progresses, but the balance in this one didn't work for me. A nice, fun interlude of a story, but I wish Claire and Ereven's portion had more time to be fleshed out.

It’s hard being the most popular girl on the ice planet. The alien men are falling all over themselves to impress me in the hopes that I’ll take them to my furs. But they don’t know my secrets – none of them do. And they don’t realize that behind my smile, I just wish they’d go away.

I don’t want any of them. I want someone else – someone with a gorgeous blue body, big horns, and the most intense gaze ever. He’s the only one that knows the truth. Maybe with him, I can work through my fears of the past…. but I’m pretty sure he wants more than just friendship.

He wants forever, and I’m not sure I can give it.

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Such a sweet one. I very much appreciated the patience given to Tiffany, and the gentle build of the romance. Tiffany's lack of communication with others was a tad annoying but very understandable. And it was part of what led to the fun of the competition, which I had fun reading. A strong installment, though while I ended it happy for the couple, I was mostly super excited for the next book--Josie's story.

'Resonance' is supposed to be a dream - that's when your soulmate is chosen for you. And everyone on the ice planet has hooked up with a big, hunky soulmate of their own... except me. So do I want a mate? Heck yeah. More than anything, all I've ever wanted is to be loved by someone.

Except that the soulmate chosen for me? My least favorite person on the darn ice planet. Haeden's the most cranky, disapproving, unpleasant, overbearing male alien... so why is it that my body sings when he gets close? Why is he working so hard to prove to me that he's not as awful as I think he is?

I hate him... don't I?

*Available through KindleUnlimited!*

A perfect example of instalove done right. I'm STILL, months later, head over heels for this one. I smile as I write this. Ahhh it was so good. This whole series does instalove so well, but this installment... *chef's kiss* There's hate to love vibes and banter. And their growth as a couple? Leading into how close they were and how comfortable they got with each other and how much they cared? It slays me. The cutest. One of my favorites of the series!

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