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The Vixen's Lead (Kit Davenport #1) by Tate James ~ Review

The Vixen's Lead (Kit Davenport #1)Source: Purchased (through my KU subscription).

The Vixen's Lead (Kit Davenport #1) by Tate James

I want vengeance so badly that I can almost taste it. It's all I've ever wanted. So, I did what anyone in my unique position would do. I slapped on a secret identity and became an internationally renowned thief, known as The Fox. Nobody knows me. Nobody can catch me.

Or so I thought...

It turns out; I have what they want. Special abilities. And trust me, these abilities are coveted--and dangerous. Now, I don't know who to trust or where to go. Peril lurks on every corner as I try to uncover my past and origin. Teaming up with unlikely allies may be my only chance at survival or my biggest mistake. Only time will tell.

I'm Kit Davenport and this is only the beginning.

I'm always on the lookout for two things: book(s)/series to get obsessed with, and super good reverse harem books. So when I just so happen to come across a title that covers both of these criteria, I am on cloud 9. My most recent find of this variety is The Vixen's Lead, book 1 of the Kit Davenport series.

It was really a shot in the dark that I picked this one up. I was looking through Kindle Unlimited trying to pick something to read, but nothing was sticking out to me. So I started clicking on RH-looking, paranormal-y books. And lo and behold, I came across The Vixen's Lead. What drew me in was the lack of information about Kit's harem in the synopsis. On Amazon, it says its RH but there's nothing about who they are--their names, personalities, how they meet. So OF COURSE I had to download the thing and give it a go.

My first impression? I wasn't all that into it. Honestly, I was considering DNFing the thing. Kit seemed cool but I wasn't sure I was getting into her storyline. And the two boys we'd met who were clearly going to be part of the RH? Seemed like they were going to be flops. But I hate DNFing books. And there were still more boys to meet (I didn't know how many, but I knew there had to be at least one more because 2 does not constitute a harem). So I kept going.

Let me tell you, friends: I am so glad I kept reading. Those boys who seemed like they were going to be flops? Weren't. One is a certified sweetheart. And the other...well. He's growing on me. And I am definitely very interested in Kit's story. And I really ended up enjoying her narration.

And the other boys in the harem? Y E S. Cole is my favorite. But I'm loving seeing Kit's relationships with them develop and evolve--and I'm so looking forward to seeing them progress more as the series continues!

As for the overall plot, I'm not going to say it's my favorite thing ever. It is, however, quite interesting. I definitely want to read more. So much so that as soon as I finish writing this review, I'm going to start book 2. I'd say that's a plot that's drawn me in, yes? (Though let's be honest: that RH waiting on the pages helps keep me on the hook in its own right.)

Overall, The Vixen's Lead is a solid, enjoyable series starter. Personally, I cannot wait to dive more into the series and see the romance bloom even further while the rest of Kit's story unravels. If you're looking for a super good RH series to get stuck in, I definitely say The Vixen's Lead is one to check out!

4 stars - A solid, enjoyable starter to what I can tell is going to be my next series obsession!

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