Thursday, June 7, 2018

Swoon Thursday ~ 6/7/18

Who doesn't LOVE a good swoon?!  We love them for sure!  Check out our swoon below and then add to the fun.

Post anything that made you swoon, past or present read.  Include the cover, blurb and links.  Please no spoilers.

The #1 New York Times bestselling “queen of paranormal romance”* is back with a sexy new series starring a Chicago crime family that hides a dark, mystical secret...
Whether it’s fast cars or fast women, Stefano Ferraro gets what he wants. When he’s not fodder for the paparazzi, he commands Ferraro family businesses—both legitimate and illegitimate.

While their criminal activity is simply a rumor yet to be proven, no one knows the real truth. The Ferraros are a family of shadow riders capable of manipulating light and dark, an ability Stefano thought ran in his family alone—until now…

With little left to her name, Francesca Cappello has come to Chicago in hopes of a new life. She wasn’t expecting to attract the attention of a man with primal hunger in his eyes, driven to claim her as his to protect and to please. And if he discovers her secret, it could ruin her...


She'd never been kissed like that.  She didn't know anyone could be kiss like that.  Every nerve ending in her body sprang to life, on full alert.  She couldn't stop her hands from running up his chest to circle his neck, or her fingers from finding his chest to circle his neck, or her fingers from finding his hair.  She gave herself to him, holding nothing back.  Her mouth moved under his, following his lead, kissing him back while her body pressed tightly against his.
The elevator pinged and he turned her, so his body hid her from view of those in the lobby.  He lifted his head reluctantly, his blue eyes moving over her face.  "You good, doice cuore?  Do you need a minute?"  He kept his hands on her hips, holding her so she wouldn't fall flat on her face.  (Page 158)

So, I'm stuck in this series.  It's a different idea than I've read before and I adore it.  As soon as this one was done, I started book two.  Yep.  I'm reading all three.  Have you read it?  What do you think of Stefano? 

That's our swoon this week!  What about you?  Leave us a comment & a link.

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