Thursday, May 3, 2018

Midnight Wolf by Jennifer Ashley ~ Review

The eleventh novel in the New York Times bestselling paranormal romance series, Shifters Unbound.

Angus Murray, bouncer for a New Orleans Shifter bar, is sent to round up an elusive, Collar-less Shifter woman, Tamsin Calloway, who is causing trouble for Shifter Bureau, and possesses information they want. If Angus refuses, he risks losing his cub. He finds Tamsin but she's slippery and not about to be rounded up quietly.

In fact, quiet is nothing Tamsin will ever be. She leads Angus on a wild chase, but he's determined to bring her in to save his son.

Can Tamsin convince Angus she's worth helping before she's locked away by Shifter Bureau, Collared, or perhaps killed?

I'm discovering this series from the latest book backwards.  I picked this up for review and so enjoyed the story that I'm starting at book 1 and reading more.  It's a great world and I so love shifter stories.

This world is pretty new to knowing about shifters.  Twenty years ago, they were outed to the human world.  The Fae created the shifters to fight for them and there have been many a battle.  Now they live in shifter towns where they are forced to wear collars that shock them should their aggressive side show.

Augus is a tracker.  He's forced to track Tamsin because the shifter bureau has his cub.  But Tamsin is hard to catch.  Of course Augus has an advantage.  One that doesn't really become clear until much later but it's there.

Tamsin refused the collar and spends her life running to survive.  She's different and that could get her killed.  But there's something about Augus that makes her trust him.

This is fast paced story with lots of protective alpha male from Augus and smart mouthed defiance from Tamsin.  Lots of fun there.

It's also sexy and hot as they try to resist each other and then try to find time to be alone.  That part was actually really fun.

Love this world and will definitely be catching up on reading this series.


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  1. Ohhhh fae! I love fae! This sounds like a good PNR series. Great review!