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The Space Merchants by Wendie Nordgren ~ Series Review

The Space Merchants (The Space Merchants, #1)  The Space Merchants of Arachne (The Space Merchants, #2)  The Parvac Emperor's Daughter (The Space Merchants, #3)
Omnes Videntes (The Space Merchants, #4)  The Spider Queen (The Space Merchants, #5)
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This is a little different review from my usual ones, but since I binge read this series and can't really be sure to discuss specific books separately, I figured doing a review of the entire series so far was the way to go. The Space Merchants is an adult sci-fi romance series with a reverse harem, and somehow these books genuinely enthralled me until I completed book 5 (which is where I have officially caught up with the series and now await the next installment).

So here's the thing: This series is slow, as a whole. There are serious pacing issues. Books one through three are very long and it feels like not much happens, sometimes even as things ARE happening. Then in books 4 and 5, things seem to be picking up...which is good. But SOME things also seem to be taking a turn for the meh plot-wise. And the writing, as could probably be inferred by the fact that the pacing is a mess, leaves so much to be desired.

That said, I enjoy reading most of the characters. The main character, Teagan, is by no means anywhere close to the top of my list of favorites -- but she is entertaining. So are her interactions. And her family and husbands and friends are, too. There's really only one exception in the whole series and I won't say WHO for the sake of not spoiling, but I am not liking this certain controlling female character at all.

In reading these books, I'd be thinking halfway through each individual book (save for book 4) that I'd take a break from the series once I finished the installment. But then I'd finish the book and NEED to pick up the next one. I'm not quite sure what was so entrancing about these books, but it had an affect on me and is worth noting.

The romance...has its moments but also has its lulls. Kind of like the series as a whole. I like a majority of Teagan's husbands (though I have a soft spot for Nico...and her fourth husband is growing on me), and for the most part they can be so sweet. But they can also be frustrating. 

Overall, while I wouldn't say The Space Merchants is a favorite series, I do like it well enough to be keeping an eye out for the next installment. Things really seem to be picking up, and the series has a quality to it that piques the curiosity and hooks in deep. 

3 stars - Worth a shot if you're looking for some entertaining sci-fi romance (with a reverse harem!)

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