Friday, June 10, 2016

Foolproof Love (Foolproof Love, #1) by Katee Robert ~ Review

Source:  Received an eBook from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

Bull rider Adam Meyer put Devil’s Falls in his rearview mirror years ago and hasn’t stopped running since. Now he’s back—temporarily, if he has any say about it. Restless, he finds himself kissing the sexiest girl in town…and agreeing to be the fake boyfriend in her little revenge scheme.

Jules Rodrigez isn’t interested in the role of town spinster. Being seen with a hell raiser like Adam is the perfect way to scandalize the residents, make her ex jealous, and prove she’s a sexy, desirable woman. And if their plan includes ridiculously hot sex—in public, of course—all the better.

But this thing between them has an expiration date. Putting down roots isn’t in Adam’s blood, and Jules’s roots in Devil’s Falls are bedrock deep. He’ll leave, even if it rips out his heart. But this time, he’s not sure he’ll survive it…


I so love pretending stories!  The story they construct as to why they are pretending is always key to whether I will enjoy the story.  This one is good.  High school football star dumps girlfriend before he leaves town for college only to return and expect a date.  A DATE! Seriously, dude, I wanted to slap Grant silly.  Add to that the bad boy back in town and you have a great set-up.  And then there's the chemistry between these two from the first pretend kiss!  Hehe.

Just need to say that I love the cover making sense for this book.  Jules does indeed wear those cut-off shorts that just drive poor Adam crazy.  And THAT really is the fun part of this book.  Jules is the sweet girl that wants Adams to teach her to talk dirty and help her let the town's people know she's not destined to be a cat women.  Poor Adam is seduced by every word and every stroke from this women.  Yeah, he's not staying but she tempts him like nothing ever has.  Every time Adam called Jules "sugar", I just swooned.  Some country charm mixed with the sexy Adam was perfection.  

I do like these characters and the small town charm is enjoyable.  Meeting Adams' two friends has me excited to see what comes next.  I can't wait for Aubry's story.  She's got some social anxiety that's going to make that one interesting.  But overall, these characters are great and I really want books 2 and 3. 

The story itself is interesting.  Well written and enjoyable.  It definitely has me wanting to experience more.  I will say that the whole Grant issue didn't ever feel resolved to me.  I guess I just wanted that scene where he admitted he expected to just get her back when he came home and it wasn't there.  He did get a lesson in manners from the sexy Adam, so I'll be happy with that.

A great afternoon delight, I read it straight through never wanting to put it down or take a break.  If you enjoy a great pretending story, then is this a great one to pick up!


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