Friday, October 9, 2015

Books I'm Grateful I Read Giveaway Hop ~ Sign-ups

The theme of this hop is books that you are grateful you choose to read.

You can feature a book and give away a gift card, if you choose, as long as you feature a book that meets the theme.

Giveaway Hop Guidelines for ALL hops hosted by StuckInBooks

  • Must follow the theme of the hop
  • MUST feature a BOOK in some way
  • Multiple books and giveaways allowed
  • Gift cards allowed
  • MUST NOT require a purchase to win
  • Must be an actual giveaway and not just a way to promote technique (an example:  Naming a character in a book after the winner)
  • Must be unique to the hop
  • You are responsible for finding the giveaway and getting it to the winner
  • MUST include the Hop banner
  • MUST include the linky or a link to StuckInBooks post
  • Total of 8 entries allowed with up to 1 required (No more chances on this one.  If it's not right, I'll delete it)
  • Posts not up by 12AM EST the morning of the HOP are subject to being deleted from the linky
  • Posting early is encouraged
  • If you do post early, send the host your link
  • Add your shipping restrictions to the end of you name in the linky
  • DO NOT tag @StuckInBooks in your rafflecopter tweet
  • Sites participating cannot require sign-up to view post

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  1. Please help. Time was running out and I have questions. This is my first ever book hop. I did not see a minimum and is Ripley's Believe it or Not exceptable?

    1. There is no minimum and the book is fine as long as it meets the theme for you.

  2. I had written down that I signed up for this and I have a sponsor but I haven't gotten any info and my name is not here. Is there any way I can be added? Please let me know. Thanks!