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Blog Tour ~ Shifter: City of Wolves by Avery Burch (Review & Giveaway)

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~ Book Info ~

Shifter: City of WolvesSource: e-ARC provided by Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Shifter: City of Wolves by Avery Burch

She's an elite. He's a wolf and an outcast. Their forbidden passion will move worlds.

Everyone knows that wolves love with a passion that can be dangerous. They imprint on a woman and never let her go. From the moment they love their female, they will kill for her, and die for her.

Lyla is more than rich. She's one of The Elite, a paranormal class that rules society with an iron fist. She arrives in Manhattan to begin training as an enforcer.

Zac is an orphan, an outcast, and a shifter. Turning into a wolf is an unforgivable crime in the elite regime. Enforcers hunt down and kill anyone who can shift.

When Zac and Lyla meet, they know love is hopeless, but their powerful attraction is simply too great. Fighting to overcome the ruthlessness of their society, Zac and Lyla learn that true love can overcome any obstacle, but not without dire consequences.

Shifter: City of Wolves is the first book in a paranormal romance series that features passionate romance, intensely real emotion, supernatural powers, and forbidden shifter love.

~ Review ~

I am always down for a shifter story. Shifters are my favorite paranormal creature, and one of my favorite things is finding great books (and series) that feature them. So that right there gives away exactly why I picked up Shifter: City of Wolves. I was hoping for a great shifter story. One that I'd enjoy and hopefully had a sufficient amount of romance to win me over. I'm glad to say that this book was definitely fit the bill on both of those things.

Shifter: City of Wolves is a unique, entertaining romance that I very much liked.

The story was written well. The characters were fleshed out, the world vastly described, and the romance beautifully depicted. While third person POV is not my favorite, especially the way it was done in this book, I must admit that Avery Burch did a good job with each character and their own specific minds, when she dove into them. Sometimes the switches between the characters were jarring, but I could always tell which character's POV I was reading.

Speaking of characters, Zac and Lyla were super fun protagonists. It took me a little bit for Lyla to grow on me, mostly because it took me a little bit to understand her, but I ended up rooting for them both. Zac's a sweet guy, just trying to get what he can out of life. Lyla's a strong girl, coping with the situation she's been thrust into without her consent.

Together, these two were adorable. I LOVED their romance. It did move kind of fast, but that didn't bother me so much as the story went on. In shifter stories, that kind of thing happens. In this book, there are fated mates, which explains the whole speedy-relationship thing. The more and more Zac and Lyla grew together, the more I became completely on their team. The one thing that bothered me, though, was the inappropriate times these two stopped for sexy times. Like, these two were literally on the run from people who wanted to kill him and do goodness-knows-what to her, and they stopped to roll around for a bit. Bad preservation skills right there.

As for world building, Avery Burch took a good chunk of time to lay out the world and just how bleak it was. Honestly, the world they live in does not look like fun. I appreciated the time spent shaping the setting. That said, that time spent also took away from the time I felt actively engaged in the story. Explanations were happening, and it was taking a while for Zac and Lyla to meet--AND I was so confused after the letter in the beginning, which does get explained later but only after I spend the whole book like "is this going to get awkward...?"--so I didn't get really INTO the story until farther down the line.

The shifter lore in this book was so interesting and different. Obviously I love all things shifter, so I don't get too annoyed when the particulars of shifters are pretty standard, but when I come across a story that uses a fresh take on the creatures, that's always a bonus. And a bonus is definitely what Shifter: City of Wolves is, because I was fascinated by what the shifters were in this world, how they worked and everything about them.

Overall, Shifter: City of Wolves is an entertaining and romantic start to a series I definitely plan on continuing. This novel's unique take on shifters, great mixture of sweet and sexy romance, and characters I am very interested to know more about makes Avery Burch's story one I enjoyed. If you're looking for an interesting take on shifters along with some sweetness, I recommend giving this one a try!

3 stars - A unique and romantic start to a series I totally plan on continuing!

~ About the Author ~

Avery Burch is a hot new paranormal romance author and her series, Shifter: City of Wolves is going to have a huge impact. She writes chilling tales of shifters and heart-wrenching stories of love and lust. If you like your romance spicy, your shifters sexy, your love stories intense, and your heroines passionate, then her books are for you.

She lives in Toronto, Canada.

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  1. Great review, Jessica! This sounds like a fun read and entertaining, too! I also prefer shifter stories over any other paranormal! I find them just more intriguing and fascinating. Glad you liked it!

  2. This book sounds interesting! I love paranormal romance books

  3. I don't usually read stories of werewolves but this one sounds interesting. Thanks for the chance! <3

  4. Too much world building can drag the book out, I prefer action and connecting to the characters.