Saturday, October 10, 2015

Blow by Kim Karr ~ Review

Source:  Received eBook copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

2 fatal sides.
1 epic love.
7 days to survive.

They met in the face of danger. They weren’t looking for love. They both knew better. But they couldn’t stay away, and they fell hard.

He is heart-stopping handsome, fearless—and haunted by deadly ties.

She is breathtakingly beautiful, determined—and in harm’s way.

They should have parted. They didn't. They never should have fucked. They did. And now time is running out. One hundred sixty eight hours. That’s all that remains. While Logan McPherson fights to save them, Elle Sterling is forced to make a choice that could change everything.

When torn between right and wrong, tainted love doesn’t have a chance...or does it?


This book takes place over seven days.

Seven days to decide who to trust.  Seven days to figure out some complicated history for both Logan and Elle.  Seven days to unravel the mystery that is Elle's sisters disappearance.  Seven days to have the Irish mob breathing down your neck.  But I'm thinking we should have skipped the first day or two and jumped to the good stuff.

The beginning was too slow for me.  These two danced around their secrets and it took too long to learn what was hidden in their pasts.  The first day took forever to pass.  Then the second day.  Finally, after that things picked up and the last 1/3 of the book was good.  Lots of flirting.  Lots of resisting.  Lots of aching need left aching. Just not enough doing and moving forward. 

The mystery was interesting.  I like trying to piece things together in a book.  And I liked that there were some surprises for me.  Some danger and suspense also added to this one.  

As for the characters, I was okay with Logan and Elle.  Neither annoyed me yet they didn't hold me either.  I guess I wanted more from them.  

The metaphor that is the title of this book was interesting.  I guess it took reading the book to realize what the cover was really about.  I always like it when the cover and the title have meaning in the book.  It's not just there to grab your attention but are just a bit more.  I liked that.

I enjoy this author and I'm sure I'll read more of her books.  This one just fell a bit flat for me.


  1. I haven't had the best of luck with Kim Karr lately and outside her Connections series I just haven't loved her books so I think I'll pass on this one for now. Great review!

  2. I hate hate hate when a book starts off slow. Because then you have to decide to finish or not. I always decide to finish and sometimes it just is not worth it.

  3. A shame you didn't fully enjoy this one Val. I've read a book by Karr before and it fell short for me too.