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One Night with a Quarterback by Jeanette Murray ~ Now Available & review

Source:  Received an eBook copy from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

One Night with a Quarterback (Santa Fe Bobcats, #1) by Jeanette Murray

She’s daddy’s little girl…or she would have been, had he known she existed. Cassie Wainwright thought her father—head coach of the Santa Fe Bobcats—ignored her purposefully. Come to find out, he had no clue she’d ever been born.

Now Cassie is determined to meet the man who’s always been missing from her life. Her mother warns her, being the long-lost daughter of a well-known NFL coach won’t be easy, but Cassie’s determined to stick it out. And before her life turns upside down, she wants one more night of fun.

Starting quarterback for the Santa Fe Bobcats, Trey Owens is tired of being in the limelight. Lucky for him, the beautiful brunette he meets at the club isn’t a local. She has no idea who he is…and she’s down to party.

Tomorrow, Cassie will think about her father. Tomorrow, she’ll think about her future. But tonight is for herself and the hottie she found on dance floor. It’s a matchup made in heaven—if only for a night…

My Thoughts:


4 stars - Yummy Trey just gets Cassie and that makes this story special!

One look at the cover and this book had my interest.  I so love football and romance books.  Then I read the blurb and was so on board.  Coaches long lost daughter hooking up with his quarterback? Yeah, that's gonna be fun.  And it was.

Cassie doesn't know sports so she knows nothing about football.  Not recognizing the starting quarterback for the Santa Fe Bobcats was not going to happen even if he hadn't wore the cute frames he didn't need.  He wasn't looking for a hook-up but was drawn to her.  That powerful first connection was what grabbed me and had me wanting more.  I need those quick connections to characters and this book delivers that.

Both of these characters where hiding things from the other. I wanted to smack them both for not coming clean sooner.  I kept waiting for the chips to fall and fall they did.  It was a marvelous moment when they were both faced with the truth.  Both of them had their jaws hanging open.  At least they shared that moment together, right?  I though it was perfect.

And that is really what I loved about this book.  It's not a "you lied to me" kind of issue but a how to make complicated real problems work in a relationship.  Do we try when it's hard?  Do we punt (hehe pardon the football lingo there)?  Yeah it was a NFL football player and that's not gonna happen to most but dealing with the issues of complicated family and job related issues are very common real problems that couples face.  Do you try or pack it in?

These two were exactly what the other needed.  Trey doesn't like the women hanging all over him clicking pics that end up all over social media.  He wants a girl to loves him for him and not for his star status.  Cassie wants a man that understands her and supports her for who she is, a nerdy computer girl.  They were perfect together.

The heat between them is HOT.  It starts quickly and then the cuddles come later.  Loved that.  I'm not always interesting in waiting for half the book for a first kiss.  This one delivers fast and long and yummy.

This book is for the romance and sports lovers out there.  That would be me.  I love the tough guys who battle it out on the gridiron and then run after their woman.  Oh and there is a caveman scene - hehe.  It was funny.

A short tease at the end of this one had me wanting the next one.  It's about that very strange anomaly that is the NFL kicker.  Killian will be the focus of Loving Him Off the Field (Santa Fe Bobcats, #2).  I'm in!

About the author:

Jeanette lives just outside St. Louis with her husband, daughter and their lovable-but-stupid Goldendoodle. When she's not writing her next romance, she's found hanging out with the new friends she's made here, catching up with old friends from past duty stations on Facebook, or surfing Pinterest pretending she can cook. Catch up with her on Facebook or Twitter for contests, sneak peeks of what she's working on, and updates about her life in general.


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  1. I love watching sports in real life (soccer, basketball, tennis) so it's nice to read about something I enjoy in real life. Also the heroes in sports romance are always super hot and sexy!

  2. I am a huge sport fan so I really like to read about sport heroes

  3. I am so glad to hear you enjoyed this one, because I really want to read it. It sounds like my kind of book! Great review!

  4. As you know, I adored this too! Trey and Cassie were so sexy and just so much fun. Can't wait for Killian's books!

  5. It's the dedication, commitment & hot bodies.

  6. Definitely the guys - they're always super hot and swoon-worthy ;)

  7. I really loved this one and Trey and Cassie were just great - loved Cassie's sense of humor. Great review!

  8. wel... sweaty hot guys! LOL great book really enjoyed reading it