Saturday, June 7, 2014

Book Boyfriend #45 & Review

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So my book boyfriend for the week is


What happens when a girl who always calls the shots meets a guy who's too wild for even her?

A born flirt and good-time party girl, Emerson has never had a problem finding a willing guy. She's always chosen her hookups carefully, and she's never broken her three cardinal rules:

Never let them see the real you.
Never fall in love.
Always leave them begging for more.

Then Shaw comes along. A hottie from the wrong side of the tracks, he's immune to her flirtatious banter and come-hither smile. After rescuing her from a disastrous night at a biker bar, he doesn't even try to take her to bed—he calls her a tease and sends her home instead. Unable to resist a challenge, or forget the sexy, dark-eyed, bad-boy biker, she vows to bring him to his knees.

But instead of making Shaw beg, Emerson finds herself craving him. For the first time in her life, she's throwing out her rule book. Suddenly, she's the one panting for a guy she can't control—a guy who won't settle for anything less than the real Emerson and who forces her to do things she's never imagined, including facing a past she thought she'd buried.

A guy who just might leave her wanting more. . .


Hot Biker Boy...

He wore a leather biker's jacket, slim-lined and well worn at the seams and elbows.  Denim covered his long legs, a chain looping from the front of his jeans around to the back.  Biker boots carried him across the bar.  Even in all that clothing, he looked built.

My gaze skimmed the long length of him in his leather jacket and biker boots.  He was a walking fantasy.  If I was into the idea of losing control and having hot sex with a bad boy, he would be an ideal candidate.

Oh so protective...

A hand clamped around my arm and yanked me up.  Suddenly I was off my feet and being carried.  Blinking, I focused on the guy who was carrying me.  Hot Biker Boy.  "What are you doing?" I demanded.  "Getting you out of there before you get trampled."  I shivered at the first sound of his voice.  It was deep and throaty and matched him perfectly.  Goose bumps broke out over my skin.

She gets to him...

His hands lifted and slid over my tear-socked cheeks, holding me almost tenderly.  He looked troubled.  There was no other word for it.  "I don't know what it is you do to me."

I do something to him?

His voice continued, a dark little whisper rushing over my lips.

"But I'm not going to fight it anymore."

As his warm mouth came down on mine, a jolt that felt like electricity shot through me.  Along with that, a thousand thoughts chased through me as his lips pressed to mine, softer and more persuasive than I would have imagined possible from this hard-looking guy.


I love Shaw.  That should say it all.  He's a Marine just out of the service and hurting.  Loss is a huge part of his life.  He's staying someplace that emotional for him and he's building a life for himself despite the pain.  He has the a soldiers desire to protect and help.  And he's attracted to Emerson.  She's a spitfire and he knows it's a bad idea.  She's hiding something but he wants her.  And he decides to stop resisting.  Then he goes after her.  I love it.  I love him.

When two characters are resisting each other and one decides to stop resisting, then the fun starts.  Shaw is confident and determined.  But Emerson is desperate to keep her secrets hidden.  But he will figure them out and he will succeed.  He is, after all, a Marine. 

Foreplay was perfect.  So loved that book.  New Adult at it's best.  But I think I loved Tease better.  The thing is that I loved both of these main characters and I was taken back by how much the story mattered to me.  I was surprised by some little secrets along the way.  I was desperate to find out the end but dreading it's ending.  It was perfect.

Yummy, delicious and satisfying, if you love NA then get this one soon.

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  1. I definitely need to meet Shaw!!!

  2. Oh nice! I'm hoping to get to this one sooner rather than later. Thanks for the review!

  3. Shaw is a great Book Boyfriend! This story meant a lot to me too, and I agree that it was perfect!!!