Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Intoxicated by Monica Murphy ~ Character Interviews, Review & Giveaway

Welcome Archer, Gage and Matthew from Billionaire Bachelors Club!

Val: Hey guys! Thanks for joining me today.

Archer: Speaking for all three of us, we’re happy to be here, Valerie. Anything for you, sweetheart.

Gage: (mutters under his breath) Suck up.

Val: Big day for Gage.  How is everyone feeling about that?

Archer: Well, I wanted to be there. Fully planned on being there but something else came up. Like the birth of my child.

Gage: Nervous but ready for it to happen because talk about stressful. My poor bride was a basket case.

Matt: Their wedding just fueled my own need to make Bryn mine permanently.

Archer: Matt’s become a complete sap.

Gage: Totally.

Matt: Says my two best friends who are completely whupped by their women.

Val:  Was there was a bachelor’s party?  Need some deets!

Gage: No way. We might’ve gone out for a night of quiet drinking. Nothing more.

Archer: Right. No strippers were harmed during this, ahem, quiet night of drinking.

Matt: Exactly. And uh, we didn’t go to Vegas or anything like that either. Just drinks at Archer’s hotel. Boring actually. I was in bed by nine.

Archer: (shoves Matt in the shoulder) Why’d you have to go and mention Vegas dude?

Matt: You’re the jackass who mentioned strippers. Bryn reads this, she’s gonna kill me. (glares)

Val:  Regrets guys?  The bet weighing heavy for anyone?

Archer: Absolutely zero regrets. I have a successful business, a gorgeous wife and a baby. I’m on top of the damn world.

Gage: Same. No regrets. I’m a happily married man to a woman who rocks my world. Life is good.

Matt: I have no regrets because I won the damn bet and I got the girl. Double win.

Val:  Where is the honeymoon???

Gage: Hawaii. Maui to be specific. It’s my favorite place to go, especially with Marina. Talk about relaxing.

Val:  Anymore wedding bells in the works?

Matt: I’m trying to put a plan in motion. Bryn is in no hurry. I’m the one who’s ready to make this legal.

Archer: Wild right? Look at our former player, ready to put a ring on it.

Gage: Give him a break. We’ve already put a ring on it.

Val:  For each of you, what is your perfect day with your girl like?

Archer: In bed with Ivy all day sounds pretty damn good. We don’t get much sleep lately what with a new baby. So just me and Ivy in a bed? All day? Preferably naked? Ideal.

Gage: I’d like to go back to Hawaii with Marina. On the beach, just the two of us, relaxing and enjoying the sun. Sounds perfect to me.

Matt: A day off with Bryn. We work together so we spend a lot of time with each other. And we’re always talking shop. So if we could get away for just a day. Away from work, away from Napa altogether, and we’re not allowed to talk about the winery at all. That would be perfect.

I also like Archer’s idea of a bed being involved. I like that idea for Bryn and I a lot. (winks)

Val:  For each of you, tell me something about one of the other two that we don’t already know from the books.

Archer: Well, when we were younger Gage accused me of having a crush on Ivy and I denied it. He was right. He also socked me in the nose when I called his sister hot.

Gage: True. That did happen. Forgot about it though.

Archer: And Matt? When he first started playing for the pros, he was such an asshole. Egomaniac, thought he could do no wrong, got all the women he could ever want. I sort of hated him.

Matt: More like you were jealous.

Archer: True. Can’t deny it.

Gage: Hmm. In college, Matt convinced girls to write his class papers for him and in payment he’d have sex with them.

Matt: What is this? Pick on Matt day? For the record, I never did that.

Archer: Yeah, you did.

Matt: Those girls offered to help me with my assignments. I would’ve been stupid not to take them up on those offers.

Gage: Sexual favors were included.

Matt: You two suck.

Gage: Archer’s pet dog got hit by a car and died and he cried like a baby. He was seventeen.

Archer: You’re looking like a real jackass right now Gage. Of course, I cried like a baby. We had Louie since I was five.

Gage: You were blowing my mind, crying like that.

Matt: Since Gage is on a rampage to make us look awful and it’s backfiring, I’ll share this: I overheard his mom say to someone on the phone that Gage was a bed wetter when he was little.

Gage: Yeah, like when I was two. Who wasn’t a bed wetter at two?

Matt: More like when you were ten.

Gage: Screw you, Deluca.

Matt: (laughs) And Archer lost his virginity to his babysitter when he was fifteen.

Archer: First I didn’t have a babysitter when I was fifteen. And I did lose my virginity to a babysitter…she just wasn’t my babysitter.

Matt: Whatever. I don’t have any real dirt on these jerks.

Gage: Aw man, we’re sorry. We’re just trying to give you grief.

Archer: Looks like it worked too. (grins)

Val:  Any plans for families?

Archer: Already started! If I’m lucky Ivy will give me six kids. Ha, not really but I’ll settle for four. Or three. Or two. Whatever Ivy wants, I want.

Gage: Not yet but eventually, Marina and I want kids. We’re taking time for each other first.

Matt: As the other two mentioned, I need to put a ring on it first. I would like a family though someday. I know Bryn will make a great mother.

Val:  Anything else you feel the need to share?

Matt: Haven’t we shared enough? (sends pointed looks to his friends)

Gage: I want everyone to know just how happy Marina and I are. I’m a lucky man.

Archer: Me too. If you told me two years ago my life would be like this, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Matt: What Archer said. My life has taken a complete one-eighty and I couldn’t be happier.

Val:  Thanks guys.  Love all three of ya to bits and I hope you are very happy.

Archer, Matt and Gage: We love you too, Valerie!


New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy wraps up her sexy Billionaire Bachelors Club series with a wedding to remember. But this time, they’re not bachelors anymore, and the groom … is one of them.

It’s Gage and Marina’s wedding day, but wedded bliss seems a long way off: Ivy’s just gone into labor. Marina’s missing her matron of honor. And Bryn’s giving Matt the silent treatment.

It’s up to Archer, Gage, and Matt to make sure this day goes off without a hitch. But between brides and babies, there’s the not-so-little issue of the million-dollar bet to attend to. If only they can figure out who won … and who’s paying up. Is everyone a winner? Or will someone leave broke—and brokenhearted?

And don’t miss the rest of The Billionaire Bachelor Club Series!

My Thoughts:

What a fun wrap-up to this series. Told from rotating points of view, we get to see some resolution to the three couples stories.  I enjoyed the relationships between the three couples as well as the six friends.  There was baby, wedding and honeymoon in there.  The bet was resolved and I loved it.

If you've read the three books in this series, then you need to read this novella conclusion.  If you haven't started this series, you need to get on it.  These boys know sexy and they bring it sometimes that means in a locked room at the wedding or on a desk when you're late for a meeting.  Yeah, they're that kind of guys.


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy is a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite. A wife and mother of three, she writes New Adult and contemporary romance for Bantam and Avon. She is the author of One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend.



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