Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Special Teaser ~ This Love by Nazarea Andrews

Somehow, we end up cuddling. My legs are draped over his lap, his fingers tracing little patterns on the arch of my foot, over my tattooed skin. It’s making it really hard to concentrate on who is getting eaten on the TV—although I’ve seen Jurassic Park often enough that I could probably quote it under any other circumstance. He seems unaware of what he’s doing to me.

Doubtful, but he’s doing a damn fine impression.

Halfway through the movie, I finally quit arguing with myself and say fuck it. I catch his arm where it’s resting casually on my thigh and pull. He stares at me, assessing me, and I flash him the brightest smile I can muster. “I promise to be good.”

He rolls his eyes, but stretches out behind me on the couch, my head pillowed on one of his arms, the other wrapped around my waist to hold me against him. His breath sifts through my hair, and I let out a deep breath I didn’t realize I was holding. His grip on me tightens a little.

The anxious feeling that’s been chasing me through the whole night vanishes as I settle in his embrace. The last thing I see is a little girl screaming as a T-Rex attacks her car.

Later, I feel the couch shift and shiver in the sudden absence of his grip. I look blearily at the clock, stunned to realize it’s almost three. I look at Atticus, who shrugs before scooping me off the couch. “I watched the commentaries.”

Who watches commentaries? Either he’s the biggest geek in the world or he’s pretty happy spending time with me.

Both make me irrationally happy.

He lays me down on my bed and tugs my blanket up over my feet. “Thanks for the cookies, Avery.”

He leans down to kiss my forehead, and the warm feeling that’s been covering me for the past several hours begins to dissipate.

“Don’t go.” The words slip out before I can stop them, and I see his eyes widen, see the hesitation.

There are a couple of GIVEAWAYS going on for this book right now.  Check them out.


  1. I think I would really like this book. It sounds fantastic! Awesome teaser!!

  2. I think I'd like this one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gah! I cannot wait to read this one! I think I have kept track of every teaser for This Love & I honestly am very, very excited for it! I want to read & review it like crazy!

  4. That's a good teaser. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This teaser makes me irrationally happy!

  6. What an awesome teaser!! Can't wait!