Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm Chase Williams Advocate!

If you haven't heard, I'm an advocate for the YA Crush Tourney!

Who did I pick to advocate for?

Chase Williams

His match is June 21st

Hope you will support him!

Have some surprises for you to motivate you!

Here's the first one...

One winner will win a $10 Amazon Gift Card or equivalent in books.
10 lucky winners will get a bookmark.

Just looking for some help to get the word out about my boy Chase!

Why support Chase Riley Williams?

Here's a few...

Did you see that pic of him and his blonde hair and dark blue eyes?
He's a demon hunter which means the boy built!
He was exiled by his FATHER at age 15 for not coming into his elemental power.
He's head strong and has a bit of an anger issue.
Learning how to ask for help is an issue with him.
He's genuinely MALE.
No instant love - this boy takes his time to figure those things out.
He does figure things out over the course of the series!

Help spread the word about this great guy being in the YACrushTourney!

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  1. Yay!! GO CHASE! You know I will be voting for him!

  2. Woohoo ~ so glad he made it! :D

  3. Yay for Chase being a participant! fingers crossed..