Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Early review & ARC Giveaway ~ Don't Push The Botton by Bill Cotter

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Available in hardback November from Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Don't Push The Button!
Bill Cotter

I fell in love with this book because its not a popup, musical button, spinning book but it is just as interactive. The simple but catching phrase of, "Don't push the button", engages young readers with a little purple monster.

Every child I saw reading this book could not resist pushing the button on these paper pages. The book has such a funny ending because it actually asks the reader to push the button to help get the monster back it's original state. Bill Cotter did a great job with the writing but a better job with the illustrations. The illustrations are fun and engaging; Full of color and just the right amount of detail!

I dare you.. Don't read this book!
(or push the button)
5 Stars


Giving away the ACR of this book that I picked up at BEA!

Open to US/Canada/UK/Mexico

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  1. Sounds like something my kids would like.

  2. OMG that sounds so cute!! I love kids books!! (Even more when they aren't noisy ones, but still interactive!) My daughter would probably have fun with that!

  3. The title pretty much guarantees that every kid would push the button lol Sounds adorable.