Friday, January 4, 2013

Up To Me (Bad Boys Series, #2) by M. Leighton ~ Review

Available 1/6/13

Source:  Received an eBook copy from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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This book is NOT YA and should not be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Book Description:

Happily ever after doesn’t come easy. But for love, it’s always worth the fight.

Olivia finds bliss unlike any she’s ever known in Cash’s arms. He sets her skin on fire and melts her heart right inside her chest. Unfortunately, their happily ever after is short-lived when a shadow from Cash’s past threatens to turn their world upside down.

Dangerous people from his father’s world have discovered that Cash holds information that could put them away for a very long time. And they’re willing to do anything—and hurt anybody—to get it back. Giving it up means Cash must choose between the life of his father and the life of Olivia.

Having nearly overcome her wariness of bad boys, Olivia’s trust is shaken when this new threat arises. Now she finds that Cash is not only a danger to her heart, but his family has associations that are a danger to her life as well. She soon discovers that there are some situations in life where trust is a girl’s only option. And this is one of them. If she’s to live, she must trust Cash with her life. But to Olivia, that’s much, much easier than letting go and trusting him with her heart.

My Thoughts:

5 stars - Wow, just wow

Where to start?  Cash of course.  He's that perfect bad boy that only has eyes for one girl but hasn't quite figured that out yet.  He may think his heart is safely removed but, oh, is he wrong.  He would do anything to protect Olivia but he'd prefer to do some sexy delicious things to her.  This story is a wonderful mix of hot sexy scenes and high stakes danger.  Love how my boy, Cash, fits the sexy in there.  Oh he finds some interesting time and places to bring that sexy too.

Olivia has just a twinge of uncertainty and I love how she resolves that.  At risk, Olivia is still not this sweet little girl that needs to be protected even though that's exactly what Cash wants to do.  She stands up to her mother in the best ever sparking flying rant I've heard in a very long time.  Definitely rocked that scene.

A few surprises and some twists and turns, this story required a few stress breaks and some moral support from my pal Autumn on twitter.  But even though I was stressed, I couldn't stop reading to find out what would happen.  This story does not disappoint.  The ending was perfect.  Always lead with love - nuff said.

If you've read Down To You, then you need this one ON JANUARY 6th for sure.  If you haven't started this Bad Boy Series, then get started with the first book.  The author has it on sale for $.99 until book 2 releases.  Go check it out on Amazon or B&N.

Gonna need some fanning or ice water breaks!!! Plan ahead, read it in a show bank.  Hehe.


  1. *bounces* I love love love that you loved this one too! Some interesting developments in this one I thought.
    -"Always lead with love - nuff said."-Couldn't agree more!

  2. I can't believe I still haven't read Down To You. I bought it right when it came out too. I will have to get to it soon.

  3. Eeep! Reading this one right now. Happy you loved it, Val!

  4. Well, I don't know if i should read this. I didn't really like Fifty Shades of Grey, and this looks as erotic as it was. I don't know. but I will add it to my TBR
    GREAT review, Valerie
    Your reader,

  5. I am reading this one now. I love, love, love it.

  6. Ooooo can't wait till I can get to this one!! It's on my list!! OH yes! Super excited! And your review makes me even more excited about it :)

    Magen Corrie

  7. So looking forward to this one! 5 Star Review-Woohoo! :-)

  8. Great review. Just got my copy tonight of Down To You for .99 cents. Hi it is Fallen Angels YA Book blog. I combined my YA Blog with my Adult blog. Wickedly Delcious Book Blog and am now following you from that.

    Have a great weekend stop by my swoon you might like it
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