Wednesday, January 2, 2013

#LoveJLA Readathon winners!


You guys were incredible! Reading so many pages. I'm sure even Daemon would be impressed!!!


Okay, down to business.  First, I used ALL my JLA swag for the twitter party! Send out over 20 envelopes of swag!!!

So I've changed the prize pile, for the better adding these!

Won them in Houston!

Here's the pile!!!

ARC of Cursed SIGNED Lindsey claimed
Cursed t-shirt
Deity t-shirt
SIGNED copy of OPAL (By JLA & Pepe)   Jennifer claimed
SIGNED copy of ONYX (By JLA & Pepe) Lea claimed
SIGNED copy of OBSIDIAN (By JLA & Pepe) claimed by Isabelle
Beta Quartz Earrings from HebelDesigns ($30 value) Susu claimed

ALL prizes are INT

Here are the winners in the order they will pick.

Rocking her plan was Jennifer Messerschmidt
Reading an INCREDIBLE number of pages was Lea Krnjeta
Knows their Covenant trivia was Isabelle
Knows their Lux trivia was Lindsey Greer-Smith
Knows their Gamble Brothers trivia was Susu V.
Knows their Cursed trivia was Kim V.
I will be emailing the winners in the order they pick.  If you won, please don't contact me until I send you the email.  I will cross prizes off the pile as they are picked.
FYI- all participates that accomplished their goals, read similar amounts, or had the same correct answers in the trivial contests were numbered and chosen at random.


Thinking of a TBR pile readathon during my spring break?   
Who's interested?   
Dates would be March 28th, 29th, & 30th.  
I'll be accepting prizes from anyone who would like to donate.


  1. YAY!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! I would join in on a spring break read-a-thon!

  2. Yes- especially since we have the same spring break! I would love a read-a-thon! Maybe even a daytime twitter party. :D

  3. *Does Happy Dance* YAY! Thank you!
    And a TBR Readathon is completely needed!! All for it!

  4. thank you a lot for this event!