Saturday, January 26, 2013

Out in Blue (A Return To Sanctuary #1) by Sarah Gilman

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Source:  Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

From Goodreads:

In a violent world where fallen archangels are hunted for their valuable plumage, Wren knows one thing for certain: the human woman who saved him from a poacher attack will die if she stays with him. The demon responsible for his parents’ gruesome deaths two decades ago pines for the chance to rip apart any woman who stands under Wren’s wing.

Wren doesn’t expect Ginger to stay by his side once she discovers his ability to drain life with a mere touch, yet she lingers. When an unusual talent of her own reveals the location of Wren’s father, Wren’s isolated world implodes. With the help of the demon protectors he’s sworn never to trust again, Wren risks everything to rescue his father, confront the demon who stalks his and Ginger’s every step, and claim his eternity with the most courageous woman he’s ever known.

My Thoughts:


3 stars - Great angel story with some quick love 

Do you not just LOVE that cover? It's the new one out with the paperback that releases January 29th.  That cover called to me.  I'm in the middle of like four books right now - how does that happen? Well with me, it's usually when I'm not reading the right thing to get stuck in it.  I don't think it was the books I was trying to read but the genre.  I NEEDED this story right now.  And it called to me.  I got the email from Entangled that it was on Netgalley and I just wanted to read a little of it, you know? So glad I was auto approved because I had it in minutes and then it was over.  I was stuck.

The lore with this Angel story is a little different than a lot of books I've read.  Demons guard the fallen Archangels as the humans poach them for their feathers.  Ever present wings are hard to hide and they are softer than silk, very sought after.  This is the world that Ginger grew up in.  Her parents killed when she was very young, she was raised by a demon.  She feels the need to protect the Archangels as much as they do.  When Wren is in danger, she runs to help him despite having never met him before.  It's an interesting combination of loyalty, protectiveness and attraction.

Wren is a broken man.  His parents gone and his guardian demon a traitor, he lives on the run from the poachers.  He trusts no one.  But when Ginger risks her life to help him, he can't help but be curious about her.  They fall fast and hard for each other but it's too dangerous for anyone to be close to Wren.  His enemies will kill anyone that he loves.  But as suddenly as his feeling come, will he have a choice about loving her?

I totally needed this story and literally flew through it (hehe).  I had a few issues with it but I was so in need a some paranormal that I overlooked most of them.  The insta-love was there. I may have accepted it better than I normally do only because it at least started with a sense of loyalty to the archangels drawing Ginger to Wren.  Then the connection between them developed pretty fast.  Later in the story, there's a small revelation that maybe makes that connection a little more believable.  The bottom line was, I wanted to like this story, so I did.  Even though there were a few places where things felt scattered to me and I had to reread and ponder, I was willing to overlook it.

I haven't read an angel story in a while and this one just fit for me.  It's not perfect but it's good.  Check it out if you need some good paranormal romance!


  1. I have to be in the mood for angel books. I've been looking for a paranormal to grab my attention, but there hasn't been much for me lately. Glad you mostly enjoyed this one.

  2. Never a fan of insta-love but if you can overlook it then I might check it out.

    I understand what you mean about being in the middle of a few books - I've read about halfway or started like 10-20 books and I just drop them and read others that I finish in a day. I eventually go back to those dropped ones but it's slow and other, faster reads take their place :P

  3. I really like angel books! I've totally gotten into the whole " I wanted to like this story, so I did" scenario. It's awesome to be able to find the book you "need" at the touch of a button.
    Glad this one hit the spot, Pal!