Friday, January 18, 2013

RELEASE by M.R. Merrick ~ Tour Finale & GIVEAWAY

I have been so honored to host this tour for the third book in The Protector series.  You may have noticed that I am very passionate about this series.  I love the imagination of this author.  His books captivate me and I CANNOT wait to get my hands on book 4.

I hope you have enjoyed all the guest posts, interviews and reviews that we have enjoyed over the last 2 months.  If you missed anything, then you can check out everything HERE.

Now I have a VERY special treat for you today for the tour FINALE!

I have Chase and Rayna here to help me plan the "cast party" for this fabulous tour.


V: I super excited to plan this party you two!!! You know that RELEASE is out and this tour has been rocking awesome.  So we’re gonna have a “cast party” and it needs planning.  That’s where you two come in.  Party’s at my house.  You in?

C: Absolutel, I’m in!

R: A party? That’s a great idea.

V: Ooookay.  First up is the invites.  I’m thinking Tiki and Willy for sure but who else?  Marcus? Vincent?

C: Vincent, really? Hope you’re bringing the food.

R: Marcus at a party? *laughs* I’d pay to see that. 

V:  Um…I’ll work on the invites…later.

V:  Moving on…I’m thinking we should have video games set up, a movie room, food, oh and music of course.  Let’s start with games.  What video games should we have?  How about Superman 64??

C: I was thinking more like God of War?

R: God of War? No thanks. I’d be in for some Skyrim though.

V:  Um…might have to get my son involved in the planning for games.  Okay.. what about movies.  We could have Battleship?  Kinda different but what do you think?

C: That’s the one based on a board game right? I’m more of a Constantine type of guy.

R: Anything with Ryan Reynolds works for me.

C: The Canadian dude? Ugh. How about The Dark Night rises?

R: A guy in a cape that talks like a robot? Not a chance.

V:  Fine maybe we can skip the movie.  We have to be able to come up with a play list we can agree on!  Call me Maybe has to be on it.

C: Yes!

R: Hell, no.

V:  So playlist…I’ll add that to my list of things to do later.  I know we can agree on food.  Everyone likes veggie pizza, right? I know if we ask Matt, he’s gonna want cereal so don’t ask him.

C: Pizza works for me. But there needs to be some kind of meat.

R: Sorry, Val, I’m with Chase on this one.

V:  *shakes head* Pizza with meat it is then.  Okay people what about drinks.  I don’t normally have one but I may make an exception here.  What ya drinking?  Maybe I’ll have a virgin margarita or something.

C: Just Coke works for me.

R: I’d have a Margarita with you!

V:  Think I’m getting a headache.  Maybe I should have asked Tiki to help me plan this party. 

C: Oh no, Tiki likes weird stuff, like food with floating fish heads in it. *shudders* 

V:  No Tiki help for sure then.  So we have a very short invite list, a couple of possible games, no movie, “MEAT” pizza, coke and Margaritas with no playlist.  I’m thinking we should skip the cast party and do a twitter party instead.  You guys willing to come?

C: I don’t know…I’m not really a chat type of—

R: Don’t listen to him, Val. We will definitely be there.  

So I guess this cast party has become a....


Saturday January 19th 7:30PM ET

Hash tag #ProtectorParty

Bookmarks, magnets, & notebooks








M.R. Merrick


Possible appearances by Chase and Rayna!

You in?? 





The giveaway ends 1/31

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  1. What a fun post! You did such a fantastic job in hosting the tour!

  2. Awesome post Val!! I love reading character interviews and chats that you do. You did so awesome at organizing and hosting the tour. You totally rock chick! AND!! Date night got rescheduled so I can make the twitter party!! Yay!!

  3. Great job on the tour, Val! You're an amazing tour host :)
    I loved this post, and I can't wait for the Twitter party xD

  4. this is a great post, awesome
    vera28546 at yahoo (dot) com

  5. Great post! I'm really hoping to make the Twitter party! :-)

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    1. My favorite mythological creatures are angels, dragons and vampires.

  7. I love faeries because yhey can either be super cute or evil looking. very ecclectic.