Monday, December 31, 2012

JLA Readathon ~ Final check-in

Hope you enjoyed the readathon!

Please fill-out this form as your final check-in.

Only people who fill-out the form will be eligible for the prizes.


  1. Valerie, thanks so much for all of your hard work. this was my first readathon and i had a fantastic time. All the best to you and here's to a phenomenal 2013!

  2. i've a little trouble with the form... i've completed ( but i can only pick one book i've read it doesn't accept several pick so i put them in other to be complete i hope it works

    so just in case i rocked my plan because i expected reading only pure but i've added halfblood and daimon total 672pages
    and 2 challenges instead of only one

    so i'm really happy

  3. The past three days have been awesome! Thank you for organising the readathon! :D I even had some extra time and managed to read Shadows and Daimon on my phone!!

    As for the form above, I could only select one of the book options so I just typed the books I've read in the 'other' box. I hope that is okay?

  4. I read almost all of the books I wanted to. I had four books I wanted to read and I only read three. I also had a problem with the form, it also would only let me pick one book. So, it says I read only one book when I read three.
    The books I read are, Cursed, Opal, and Daimon. with a total of 732 pages.
    the address to my last post.

  5. this was really fun getting back into the Convent world again with all the books i had planned, i finished up my plan at 4 this morning with Deity and Elixir which i was saving until April got me Fired up and ready for Apollyon! thanks so much Val for this!

  6. Thanks for hosting! Totally rocked it more than I thought. I wanted to read the whole Covenant series but I figured I would read 2-3 books as most but I read all 3 and both novellas. Elixir was a great peak and tease after Deity. Can't wait for Apollyon! During the first one I read the Lux series! During this one I read the Covenant series! And if you throw another I'll read her adult series! LOL Great motivation. I would say my favorite book was Pure! My favorite character is Seth! Yes it still is even after everything. I think cuddle bunny will come through in the end. I'm so worried for him. He is such a unique and great character. Aiden honesty just bored me though I do think he is sweet.