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Derailed by Alyssa Rose Ivy ~ Tour Stop & Giveaway

Source:  Received an eBook copy of this book in exchange for an fair and honest review.

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When you're lost, sometimes the only place you can go is home.

Broken over the death of her fiancé, Molly leaves law school to return to her childhood home in North Carolina. Expecting to lay low until she can figure out what else to do with her life, she finds herself in the arms of her high school sweetheart, the boy who represents everything from the past she tried to leave behind.

Looking for an escape, she instead finds a way back to the girl she almost forgot existed and a future she never dreamed possible.

My Thoughts:


3 stars - A broken soul finding her life right were she left it

Molly is truly broken.  Walking out of her law class, she heads home to figure out how to deal with the nightmare that her life has become.  The deaths of two very important men in her life has made her believe that she's poison. But trying to stay away from the man who's heart she broke and who she still loves proves too hard.   Trying to heal in his arms may be just right.

This is a fast read that holds a little mystery.  What happened to Molly's fiance?  He died but what happened?  Molly has nightmares about it but isn't talking about it to anyone.  Most people believe he left her not that he died.  She wants it that way but it isn't helping her deal with the pain of the event.  I spent a lot of time trying to piece it together.  Then there way the mystery of her dad.  What happened there?  He died as well, right before she left for college.  So much death so close to her has broken her completely.  Drinking seems to be her only way to dull the pain.

I struggled to connect with these characters.  I like Ben the most.  He made a mistake five years ago that cost him his relationship with Molly and he's bound and determine to get her back.  He's straight forward and clearly still in love with Molly.  I loved his reactions to Gavin's attempts to date Molly.  Very male of him.

I wanted to smack Molly for talking responsibility for the weight of the world.  I guess we all do that from time to time but seeing the big picture in this situation, I just wanted to shake her.  Do you see this man over there?  He loves you? Do not hide your nightmares from him any more!  Let him hold you while you cry.  Ultimately, I was happy with her.

As I read this book, something kept bugging me.  It took me almost half way through before I really got what it was.  This is a new adult book.  The main characters are in their early twenties but it doesn't read like most new adult books I've read.  It's flavor is older.  Not the physical relationship, but the tone.  Once I realized that, I tried to think of it as an adult book and did better.

The supporting cast was hilarious.  I loved how Molly and Ben's brother fought all the time.  Her best friend was fun.  Tom?  Wanted to smack him upside the well intentioned side of his head but I loved him.

I see how there could be several companion books from this story.  Veer is already out and seems to be Gavin's story.  I hope that Ben's brother, Jake, gets his own story.  Even though he has some issues, I really liked how he stood up for his brother and how he fought with Molly.


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  1. Review twins again!! I liked this one. Now that you mentioned it, it does read more like an adult contemporary than a new adult one. I loved Molly's character and although I wanted her to just let Ben love her, I did understand why she was so afraid to. I think she needs a bit of therapy to be honest. I hope Jake gets a book too. I want to know more about him. Awesome review chick!!

    1. Did both you girls hear?! Jake's getting his own book! Yay! Can't wait to read it! :)

  2. I'm looking forward to reading Derailed. I'm glad you liked it, despite your frustration w/Molly. Great review!

  3. I really liked Jake too. He stole the scenes and the 3rd book is about him!
    I really liked this one :)

  4. Thanks for reading and reviewing Derailed! As Nereyda mentioned, Jake's getting a book too :)

  5. Love your review! Can't wait to read it :))
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  6. Hi! Thank you four the Tour and the giveaway.
    Great review, cant wait to read Derailed!

  7. I liked this one. I bought Veer on release day. Gavin was sweet and I hope Becca works well for him. :) I believe she is writing a book for Jake. I'll be reading that one. I really liked him too. Nice review.