Sunday, December 30, 2012

JLA Readathon ~ Day 3

Day 3!

There were some technical difficulties with the challenges yesterday but you will find them on Deity Island this morning.

Please check-in on your day 2 progress by leaving a comment below.  

I'll have a form up tomorrow morning for you to give me all your final info.  Then the prizes will be awarded later this week.

Remember that challenges are for readathon participates but you can still sign-up to participate.  Do that here.  AND then leave me a comment here about your plan.
Hope everyone enjoyed the twitter party last night!
Remember the prize pile!

ARC of Cursed SIGNED 
Cursed t-shirt
SIGNED copy of OPAL (By JLA & Pepe)
SIGNED copy of ONYX (By JLA & Pepe)
SIGNED copy of OBSIDIAN (By JLA & Pepe)
JLA swag packs
ALL prizes are INT
Prizes will be awarded to:
Challenge winners
Most pages read (top numbers will be put in a hat)
Rocked your plan (those who do will be put in a hat)

Oh and today is my bday! So happy bday to me. :)


  1. In the middle of Deity! Then I'll read Elixir and Daimon and be done with the Covenant series!!!!!!!! Then I have to wait with everyone else for Apollyon and Sentinel!

  2. i reread halfblood ( that wasn't in my plan^^;;) and i'm in 3/4 of pure

  3. I have to say Day 2 went extremely well for me!! Since I started Onyx on day 1, I finished it on day 2, read Opal, Half-Blood, Pure and started Deity. So that put me a book ahead of my plan, which has probably given me the time on day 3 to read the Gamble Brothers books as well!! I am so happy with my timing!! :D

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  5. whoops wrong page to post on :)
    Day 3 going great, I finished Half-Blood, Pure, and Deity. Hoping I can squeeze in Daimon and Elixir (which wasn't part of the plan) in by midnight! Can't wait for Apollyon and Sentinel

  6. Finished Onyx, read Opal, Daimon and since I don't have Half Blood, I started on Pure :)

  7. Happy Birthday Val!!! Hope you have an awesome day!!

  8. oh could i miss that!! Happy Birthday Valerie
    may it be filled with love and books^^
    enjoy !

  9. Day 2: Opal,Pure,Deity
    And happy birthday to you :)

  10. Happy Birthday!! :D I hope you enjoy it(:

    I've finished Tempting the Best Man, Tempting the Player, Obsidian, Onyx, Opal and I've started Half-Blood.

  11. I finished Opal Yesterday and I want to read Daimon and Half-Blood today.
    Here is the address to the post I did wraping up day two.
    Happy birthday!! hope you have a wonderful day.

  12. I've read Tempting the Player, Deity, and Elixir. I'm on to Opal today! YAY

  13. Happy Birthday! I hope its a good one!
    Day 3... I read my goal! I honestly didn't think I'd get to because I ended up working Friday and got busy yesterday! Happy about that! So anyway... read Tempting the Player and Onyx.
    So I have time for another, I'm going to read Tempting the Best Man again. Its been since it came out, so time for a re-read! Thought about reading Opal again, but I need like a week to recover because its so epic & I have library books due soon, lol.

    1. Ok, so changed my plan today. Day 1... Read Tempting the Player. Day 2... Onyx and met my goal. I was going to read Tempting the Best Man & I'm reading it now, but I read Shadows again first instead. So my goal plus 1!

  14. Day three is going okay- in the middle of Deity right now. Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy birthday Valerie!! :) :)

  16. Happy Birthday Val!! :D
    Day 2 went really well. I finished Opal which I started on Day 1, and then read Pure, Deity Elixir and Daimon. Half-Blood wasn't in my plan because I knew I wouldn't have time to read it.

  17. Happy Birthday Valerie! Thanks again for setting this up. It's so much fun to know we're all sharing in something that we love!

    For Sat, I finished reading Deity (started the day before) and read Elixir (love love love Aiden's pov! I may have re-reread a couple parts! teehee). Then I caught up with the Gamble bros. in Tempting the Best Man and Tempting the Player.