Friday, December 28, 2012

JLA Readathon ~ Day 1


It's here!!!

Time to read JLA books!

So the time has started as of midnight ET and you can read until Sunday at midnight ET.  Feel free to participate as much or as little as you can.  This is a no stress kinda readathon. 

Now for the deets!

TWITTER party tonight!

7PM ET with the hashtag #LoveJLA

It will last 1 hour and then back to reading!

There will be prizes!

Jennifer will be around and I have some little details about her to have you guess about for prizes.

Super fun!

Later today, there will be a challenge up on Deity Island for those that want to try their hand at some JLA book trivia.

Saturday and Sunday will also have challenges up on Deity Island so check back for those.

Here's what I need from you!  Tell me your plan.  What are you going to read?  You can leave me a comment or a link to blog post, but tell me what you're gonna read!  On Sunday, you will report back in on a form telling me how you did with your plan.  Those who rocked their plan will be put in the hat for a prize.

Speaking of prizes!  What to know what I have for you??

Here's the prize pile:

ARC of Cursed SIGNED 
Cursed t-shirt
SIGNED copy of OPAL (By JLA & Pepe)
SIGNED copy of ONYX (By JLA & Pepe)
SIGNED copy of OBSIDIAN (By JLA & Pepe)
JLA swag packs

ALL prizes are INT

Prizes will be awarded to:

Challenge winners
Most pages read (top numbers will be put in a hat)
Rocked your plan (those who do will be put in a hat)

There will also be bookmarks given away at the twitter party.

I hope you enjoy the weekend!

Don't forget to leave me a comment with your plan to qualify for that prize.


  1. Yay! Thanks to winter vacations, I have a LOT of time on my hands! So here's my plan -
    Friday: Read Cursed and Tempting the Best Man
    Saturday: Read Shadows, Obsidian, Onyx. And Opal if I have time.
    Sunday: Read Pure, Deity and Elixir
    I'm going to shut myself in my room for these 3 days, and just read, read, read!
    I will be there for the Twitter party too, and I will take part in the challenges :)

  2. I plan to read the Covenant series. Or at least the first two books. How many are there? 3 books and 2 novellas I think? LOL I'm clearly a newbie!

  3. I love these Readathons!! You and Vivian are wonderful hosts!!

    My Plan:
    Friday-Read Cursed, Shadows and Obsidian.
    Saturday-Read Onyx,Opal,Daimon and Start Half-Blood.
    Sunday- Finish Half-Blood and Read Pure, Deity and Elixir.
    If I have time Sunday I will also read Tempting the Best Man and Tempting the Player. They weren't originally on my list and aren't priority as they are adult books (not an adult yet, but I have my parents permission to read them if I get the time).

    I will DEFINITELY be at the twitter party!! Also I will be taking part in every awesome challenge :D

    I am going to have so much fun and the prizes are to die for, thanks so much for making this all international!!

    Also I am going to make sure I am wearing my Deity T-Shirt when reading Deity ;) gotta show my pride!!!

    Great job both Val and Vivian!

    1. Forgot to add that even though I'm in Aus, I'll be going by your time so it's easier :)

  4. I will read pure and try to do at least one challenge

    thank you a lot

  5. I plan to re-read the Covenant series:

    Friday:Daimon, Half-Blood
    Saturday: Pure and half of Deity
    Sunday: Elixir

    Friday Night I will be at the twitter party.

    I love challenges so I will be trying my hand at them as well.

    Y'all rock awesomesauce!

  6. Dude! I suck and I don't think I am going to be doing the readathon now. I want to try to get some of my Jan review books read so I really need to be reading those. :( I will try to be at the twitter party, but I am not sure since I will be getting the kiddo ready for bed. Good luck to everyone!!! I hope you all get a lot of JLA reading in. :)

  7. Ok, my plan is a bit aggressive, but I'm a fast reader. plan is to read Tempting the Player today, Deity and Elixir Saturday, and Opal on Sunday. Think I can do it???? I'll try to be around for the Twitter party later.

  8. Friday: Read Cursed
    Saturday: Start with Shadows and see how far I get
    Sunday: Start with Daimon and see how far I get

  9. YAY! I'm excited for this. Last time it was great!

    Friday: Read Cursed
    Saturday: Maybe finish up cursed and finish Opal (I'm about half way through)
    Sunday: Read Elixir

  10. I am going to read Tempting the Best Man. This will be my first JLA read.

  11. YAY! Another read-a-thon! Excited! I'm going to participate as much as possible! ;Km stopping in the middle of other books, lol, but that's ok!
    I'm going to read for sure Tempting The Player and Onyx. Amazon updated my copy of Onyx, so all my notes and highlights are gone! I've got to fix that, so re-read! I'm a slow reader and I have work our School Day Out program, so I'm thinking that's all I will get done and those 2 are my goal!
    I'm going to try the twitter party, but I'll be on mobile and may not keep up well lol. Laptops are still down! Also, going to try the challenges! Everyone have fun & good luck!

  12. I want to read Cursed today, Opal Tomorrow, and Daimon and Half-Blood Sunday.
    Here is the address to the post I did about the read-a-thon, I hope it was okay to do a post about this :)

  13. I plan to re-read all the books in Lux series and the Covenant series and If I still have enough time, Cursed as well.

  14. I have to study a lot this weekend but I plan to read Deity, Elixir and Tempting the player! Maybe I will be able to read Opal as well but I'm not sure of that :(

  15. I have to work this weekend, but I'm planning on reading Breathe, The Scoundrel Takes a Bride, and finish Conspiracy in Death.

  16. I'm going to read Opal on Saturday!

  17. I'm planning on re-reading the Lux series. I love that series and then finishing up with with Covenant series.

  18. Friday: Finished Daimon, Half Blood. Read Tempting the Best Man & Tempting the Player
    Sat: Read Obsidian, Onyx & Opal
    Sunday: Read Pure, Deity, & Elixir

    Woohoo! no sleep needed! pure JLA goodness

  19. Lux series, Cursed, Daimon, Pure, Deity and Elixir

  20. I already read everythig,but I´ll reread Cursed, Obsidian, TtP and TtBM


  21. I've never been as thankful as I am now that I'm in the middle of my summer holidays and have 'nothing' to do all day but read these spectacular novels.
    My plan is just to start at the beginning and see how far I get with everything, knowing that there's absolutely no possible way that I can get bored.
    Thank's for setting up this wonderful opportunity and 'excuse' to re-read these masterpieces.

  22. My plan: I plan to reRead The both Gamble Bros books 12/29 and 12/30. Then I plan to read at least books 1 & 2 of the convenant series 12/30-31. I am trying to squeeze in Obsidian and Onyx as well, because I need to reread Opal (and torture myself with that cliffhanger ending once more)!

  23. After a long time of thinking and calculating, here is my plan:
    Friday - Tempting the Best Man and Tempting the Player
    Saturday - Obsidian, Onyx and Opal
    Sunday - Half-Blood, Pure, Deity and Elixir

    JLA marathon, here I go!

  24. My plan:
    Yesterday (Friday) I read - Tempting the Best Man & Tempting the Player
    Saturday - Shadows, Obsidian and Onyx
    Sunday - Pure, Deity, Elixir

  25. Finished pure last night
    going to start on deity tonight and finish it by sunday

  26. Plan:
    Sunday: As much covenant as possible, including Half Blood, Pure, Deity, and if I have time I will backtrack to Daimon

  27. Happy Birthday! I started Obsidian three days ago. Then finished Onyx yesterday. Today I am just finishing up Opal.

  28. Read on 29-30: Covenant series
    31:Lux series(just a glimpse because I read them recently again, the Opal cliffhanger is driving me nuts!)

  29. Well, I just found this readathon since I just happened to be reading JLA books and was looking for people to discuss them with or something and stumbled on this (I'm not sure if that counts). I think I started on the 29th. The plan was to read Onyx and Opal. I'm a quarter of the way through Opal,( well actually now I am halfway through Opal, which isn't that far since it's been two days, but I didn't have a lot of time to read today or yesterday) so I read one and one forth of a book by the end of dec 30th, which I think is pretty good.