Saturday, December 29, 2012

JLA Readathon ~ Day 2

DAY 2!!!

What have you read?

Please check in with a comment below.

Don't forget to head over to Deity Island and work on a challenge later today.

Remember that challenges are for readathon participates but you can still sign-up to participate.  Do that here.  AND then leave me a comment here about your plan.

Hope everyone enjoyed the twitter party last night!

Remember the prize pile!

ARC of Cursed SIGNED 
Cursed t-shirt
SIGNED copy of OPAL (By JLA & Pepe)
SIGNED copy of ONYX (By JLA & Pepe)
SIGNED copy of OBSIDIAN (By JLA & Pepe)
JLA swag packs
ALL prizes are INT
Prizes will be awarded to:
Challenge winners
Most pages read (top numbers will be put in a hat)
Rocked your plan (those who do will be put in a hat)


  1. For day one I: Read Cursed, Shadows, Obsidian and have started Onyx. So I have completed what I wanted to for day 1 and a tiny bit extra!!!!

    I also was part of the twitter chat and actually won some awesome bookmarks! And I also answered the challenge questions for Cursed :).

  2. WOW Pavan reads fast! I can only read one book a day! If that! LOL I am working on finishing Half-Blood.

  3. I read Tempting the Player last night and LOVED it! I started Deity last night too, but didn't get very far. My goal for today is to finish that and possibly read Elixir. I'm sorry I couldn't stay on the Twitter chat long last night. Hope everyone had fun!

  4. Day 1: I read Shadows,Obsidian and Onyx. Plus I read Daimon and Half-blood

  5. I read Cursed yesterday and I am really proud of myself because I didn't think I could read that whole book in one day. I also did the challenge questions for cursed.
    The adress to the post I did wraping up day 1.

  6. Day 1- I've read Tempting the Best Man and Tempting the Player.
    I really like the Gamble Brothers Series. It's so fun! I can't wait for the next book. :D

    I'll try to read Shadows, Obsidian and maybe Onyx today.

  7. I finished Tempting the Player, I just need to write my Goodreads review. I'm reading Onyx now!

  8. i was on a Covenant roll yesterday. shifted from my plan a bit so i could read the series in order. Finished Daimon, Half-Blood, Pure and started Deity. =) oh, Aiden....just can't get enough!

  9. I'm going by Singapore time coz it's easier for me, so it's already Day 3 right now :)
    On Day 1 I read Cursed, Tempting the Best Man, and Tempting the Player. That's one more book than I had planned on! On Day 2 I read Shadows, Obsidian, Onyx, and half of Opal.
    I was there at the Twitter party (which was awesome, by the way!), and I took part in the challenges for Cursed and Gamble Brothers.

  10. I'm still reading Opal,it's great so far. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow!

  11. Read Cursed, Shadows, Obsidian and started Onyx. :)