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Character Interview Celebration featuring Kaitlynn from Descened by Blood + Giveaway

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Oh it's Wednesday again!  That means another character interview and GIVEAWAY! Today I have Kaitlynn from Descended by Blood.  Now Kaitlynn isn't the main in this book, she's the BFF and as such she can dish on everyone for us.  Meet my girl, Kaitlynn.

Thanks Kaitlynn for talking to me today - here at Little Italy’s.  I know you and Brooke like this place. So your BFF is Brooke. Tell me about your friendship with her.

Right away Brooke and I clicked. We just started talking, and we had so much in common—our likes, dislikes, stuff like that—and then we never quit talking! She’s everything you could ever want in a BFF. She’s loyal, trustworthy, funny, caring, selfless, and honest. If something looks bad on me, she’ll tell me! If I have something in my teeth, she’ll tell me! And she gets me like none of my other friends ever have. I can honestly say no one understands me more than Brooke does. And I’d pretty much do anything for her. We’re soul sisters. Kinda like soul mates, but for BFFs. 
You've stood by her through some serious craziness. What was the strangest thing to happen?

Yeah, we’ve been through a lot. I would say the strangest thing to happen was definitely finding out Brooke was a vampire. I mean, you watch movies with vampires and read books with vampires, and you maybe wonder how cool it would be if this type or that type was real. But to actually find out that they ARE real is pretty crazy. And then even crazier is to find out your BFF is a vampire. It’s scary, but it’s also thrilling. I wish the circumstances were different and Brooke’s life wasn’t in danger because of it. But I think it’s a good thing for her in a way. Not the life in danger part, but the being a vampire part. Now that she’s started to accept that side of her, she has a new level of confidence and sureness about herself that she never had before. It’s really great to see that in her.

Do you ever regret being friends with her?

Never. I love that girl through and through. No matter what happens, I will never regret being friends with her. I can’t imagine my life without her now, and I certainly can’t imagine not being friends with her.

Tell me your honest opinion of Jaren.

Ah, Jaren. He is one hunk of a boy, right there! Brooke and I have pretty much been lusting after him for 2 years! He’s the guy everyone wants. And Brooke never thought she could actually have him. I always thought she could, though, if she could just get on his radar. I mean she’s pretty, fun, and pretty much the whole package. But the stars aligned just right this year. He broke up with Tiffany, and he and Brooke had study hall together. I mean, that’s like seriously the perfect class to have with your crush. You totally get to flirt and have fun, unlike most other classes, which are all serious and the teacher lectures the whole time. But I’m sure you’re asking me what I think about his response to Brooke being a vampire. I mean, I get it. Him and Brooke were a new thing and that’s a pretty big bomb to drop. But he hurt her and that pisses me off. I’m very protective over Brooke, so once you make her cry, I’d like to punch you in the face. But of course she still loves him. I just wonder if maybe her feelings for him went a little deeper than his for her. I know he regrets how he handled things, and I’m sure if he were to get a second chance he’d work hard to prove worthy of her. And I’d be fine with that. I mean, as long as he never made her cry again. If he did, I’d seriously have to bust his face. And such a pretty face, too.

But Mirko’s here now. And OMG!! That boy is fiiiiine!!! No joke! When I first saw him, I wanted to lick his face! And jump his bones. But of course he took to Brooke, so that was out of the question. But I can still enjoy the view from afar. And I was surprised by how long it took for him to win her over. At first, she was just annoyed with how straight forward he was about his attraction to her. I would have been all over that! But Brooke was dealing with a lot, and trying to accept the fact she was a vampire and Jaren just breaking up with her over it. I can’t even imagine how it made her feel. I mean, you can’t control that. She was BORN that way.

I was gonna ask about Mirko

Oh, I guess I kinda made that last answer about Mirko anyway, huh? What can I say, boy is fiiiine!!! And he’s just as protective over Brooke as I am. Seriously, if I had to make a list of what I would expect the perfect guy to have who would like to date Brooke, Mirko would be it. He’s playful, protective, sexy as hell, patient, and seriously digs her. And it’s so funny to see him put the moves on her and how bad she blushes. If it was me, I’d be putting the moves on him! From day ONE! Okay, so I’m totally a little jealous of Brooke for catching Mirko’s attention, but she deserves someone as amazing as him. So I’m really happy he wants her.

Who should Brooke choose?

That’s something Brooke is going to have to figure out. I know Jaren can be a great boyfriend. And I know Brooke could forgive him easier than I’d be able to. But the whole thing with him kissing Tiffany, and then breaking up with Brooke, and THEN flirting with Holly Anne, that’s a lot to forgive. I mean, once a guy crosses me, it’s a done deal. But she loves him, so I’ll be supportive of their relationship if they can make it work. But then again, Mirko has nothing to be forgiven for. Well, except for lying to her. However, while I don’t think that was right, I don’t see it as extremely terrible either. He did it for Brooke, and it was the right call to make. Would I have told her? Yeah, because I tell her everything. But Mirko’s a guy, and he already had a ton of stuff to deal with, with him trying to keep her safe, have her accept her vampire side, wanting her and her ignoring him. That couldn’t have been easy. I mean, he so seems like a guy who can get any girl he wants. But then again, I bet in some way he enjoyed the challenge.

I just think Jaren and Mirko fulfill different parts of Brooke. Jaren calms Brooke and settles a part of her. She’s not as outspoken with him. But Mirko stirs a lot of things within her. He’s exciting, makes her angry, and brings out the fight in her. So I think she’ll really just have to decide which one she’d rather be with.
Any hints about what's up next for all you guys? I mean Enemy Within comes out soon, do you have a quote to share?

Hahaha!! I probably shouldn’t give you any quotes. Anything worth sharing would spoil something for you, but I can tell you Brooke and my relationship goes through a lot. You’ll see just how close we are, but our relationship is also challenged. Huge, life changing decisions are made. And Brooke’s all over the place. With her vampire side getting more and more prominent, she does struggle to keep her humanity, and sometimes it’s just not pretty to watch. 

If you could have one wish, no questions asked, what would it be and why?

That Brooke could be safe with no one wanting her dead. No contest. That would be my wish. *gets teary eyed and goes quiet* 

If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?

**WARNING: DESCENDED BY BLOOD SPOILERS AHEAD** I don’t really regret anything in my life because all of my decisions have made me who I am today. And I’m pretty fond of the person I am. I mean, not in a conceited way, but I’m happy with myself. However, the one thing I would go back and change would to not be standing where I was when the bad vampire, Dikan, took me as bait to get Brooke to go with Jelena. First, I have never been more terrified in my life, and then the only way to get out of that situation was for Brooke to put herself in danger. That KILLED me. And then worrying about her—that was just sooo hard. That is definitely one situation I would like to take back. It was just terrible. *shudders* 

Anything else you'd like to share with my readers?

Of course! I’m a talker, can’t you tell!? I would like to say thank you to all the readers who have read the book and hung out with all of us! It’s been a blast to meet you all and to swoon with you all over Mirko! 

M&M or skittles? M&Ms! The green ones!
Burger or steak? Burger! I love me a big, fat, juicy burger! With crispy onion rings on it!
Mountains or ocean? Well, we don’t have an ocean here as close as we do the mountains. But I love both. However, if I got a choice which one I could live by, I’d say the mountains. I think it smells better.
Day or night? Night. I am so a night owl. The fun stuff comes out at night, right!? ;)
Brown or Blue eyes? Umm, I dig both actually. I’ve dated guys who’ve had brown eyes that have melted my insides with one stare. But Jaren’s baby blues are pretty nice, too. I guess it depends on how the guy uses it!
Blond or brown hair? Same thing with hair. It depends on the guy’s skin tone and how he flaunts it, right?
CD or iPod? iPod! Seriously, does anyone still use a CD player?
DVD or movie theater? I like the movie theater because I just have no patience to wait for a movie I want to see to come out on DVD. But I do like dates every once in a while that are stay-in-and-watch-a-movie kind. Those have a natural intimacy that the movie theater doesn’t provide.

 So, Kaitlynn, you stay safe. You know how friends end up dying in stories. I want none of that.

Thank you, Valerie! It was so nice meeting you! And Ohmygawd! Right!? I can’t handle anyone else dying!
Kaitlynn is so much fun, I just want to go reread Descended by Blood.  It's a fab read.  Check out my review here.

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