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Celebration Interview Celebration freaturing Sebastian and Aspen from What a Boy Wants + GIVEAWAY

Oh I'm so excited that it's another Wednesday and I have another celebration character interview and GIVEAWAY for you!  Still celebrating 3000+ followers BUT let me add to that 200,000+ page views.

This week I have the very HAWT Sebastian - or Bastian and Aspen from What a Boy Wants by Nyrae Dawn.

So Bastian, I’m so excited to have you here today all to myself.  I hear Aspen might stop in for a few later.

Nice. It’s good to be here. It’s been cool every time I’m able to steal Nyrae’s laptop to stop by your blog. And yeah, my girl should be here soon. She’s at Pris’s.

I really enjoyed your story guy.  You rock as the hook-up doctor. Too bad that gig is over.

Yeah, it’s pretty lame. That was a cool gig. Mom freaked though. And yeah… not sure Aspen would be cool with it either. I still like to sneak in a little advice from time to time though. Personally, I think it’s some important work.

I know you were in it for car money but was there something else you liked about it?

For sure. I mean, we all know I like to give my opinion, but yeah… it was more than that too. I mean… it’s cool helping people, ya know? It sucks seeing girls get hurt. *runs a hand over his face* Damn, what did you guys do to me? I’m all in touch with my sensitive side now.

Besides the …um recent events, have you ever figured out who the girl you were giving advice to was?

Nah. Never really tried to.

You’ve known Aspen for a long time, tell us something about her we won’t learn from the book.

Hmm… she’s way emotional when it comes to movies and stuff. She’s the kind of girl who even cries in commercials. One time… I think we were like fifteen or something and we were watching a movie. Totally lame movie, if you ask me. I ended up passing out. When I woke up she was bawling. I’m talking puffy eyes, red face, the whole nine. She freaked out all embarrassed, which I didn’t get. I mean, she was my best friend. Why did I care if she had that black, goopy make-up stuff dripping down her face? Anyway, I don’t even remember how I finally did it, but it took me like ten minutes of jokes and making a fool of myself before she started laughing. We all know I’m pretty determined when I want something, though. Shit… why did I just tell you that story?

If you could take your girl anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Is that a trick question? Of course I’m going to say anywhere she wants to go.

That hair of yours….mmmm….I just want to touch it. Oh hi, Aspen.  *giggles* So glad you could come by.

Hey… Why do I feel like I just missed something?

I was just asking Bastian about his hair.  How does he get it to look like that?

Pfft. He’s lucky? I swear he doesn’t have to do anything to it! Go figure.

Aspen, you’ve known this guy awhile, tell us something about him we don’t learn from the book.

That’s hard. Sebastian puts everything out there. We all know how loyal he is. To a fault sometimes, but. Oh! I got it! He’s a closet Dawson’s Creek fan!

WHAT!!! Low blow, Woodstock. Low blow. I was bored… and there was a marathon on… I don’t know… the classics channel or something. And that stupid window thing caught my attention because it’s when you were freaking out for me to climb through yours.

Don’t worry, Bastian. I’m sure you’re secret is safe with Valerie.

Oh yeah, I won't tell anyone at all, promise.

If you could take Bastian anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Rumor has it we’re supposed to be going somewhere together soon…. Not sure I’m supposed to say that though…

Really? Hmmmm......I love the group of friends you guys have.  Jaden and Pris are awesome.  Best things about those two?

Pris is fierce in everything she does. She’s so strong, but with a soft spot too… and Jaden? He’s self-sacrificing. I’m not sure that’s always a good thing though. And just like Bastian, he’s incredibly loyal.

Both of you, if you could have one wish – no questions – what would it be?

I just want things to be like they use to be… I mean, things with Woodstock and I are cool and I don’t want to change that, but… yeah… I just want things to be normal for the other two, too. You know, group happiness or whatever.

*Aspen looks at Sebastian*

Do you know how sweet you are?

*Bastian winks*

One of my many talents.

Okay, you two.  I have some random questions here.  I’m giving them to you separately on paper so you can’t see the others answers.  We’ll compare notes later.


M&M or skittles? Taste the rainbow baby! M&M
Burger or steak? Burger Burger
Mountains or ocean? Ocean Ocean
Day or night? Night Night
Brown or Blue eyes?  Green Brown
Blond or brown hair? Brown black
CD or iPod? iPod iPod
DVD or movie theater? DVD DVD
Stay in or go out? Depends on what we’re doing Stay in

Well, what do you think of each other’s answers? Heehee.

Most of hers are okay… I don’t see how M&Ms can be better than Skittles though.

I just think he’s a dork regardless of his answers

*gives him a teasing smile*

So, I’m hoping there’s gonna be a little bit about you two in Jaden’s book.  Love the boy, but you guys are all BFF’s and where he goes you two are sure to be, right?

Definitely. My boy might think he can deal with shit better on his own… or without us, but yeah… have I mentioned I have a way of getting what I want?

Thanks so much for talking to me today.  Love you both.

No prob. It was cool. You’ve been awesome.

Thanks for having us!

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