Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough

Source:  Library

My Summary:

Tamsin’s family are all witches.  Everyone of them has a talent, except her.  She was born to be a beacon to her family, but her talent never appeared.  She is an outsider in her own family.  Going to a normal boarding school, she tries to avoid the feelings of not belonging.  As she works in the family bookstore one day, a young professor comes in seeking something.  Tired of not fitting in her family, Tamsin allows the man to believe she is her very talented sister.  As she tries to find what he seeks, she discovers that nothing is as she thought and Tamsin faces a terrible choice.  Turning to the adorable Gabriel for help, Tamsin journeys to save the family she wasn’t sure she wanted to be part of.

My Thoughts:

3 stars – a good read

When I started this book, I raced through the first one hundred pages very quickly.  I enjoyed the world that Carolyn created for Tamsin.  She doesn’t fit.  It’s a perfect YA dilemma with a paranormal twist.  I loved the characters Tamsin and Gabriel.  Gabriel is so cute.  He likes Tamsin and it seems pretty obvious to everyone but Tamsin.  The story develops well and I wasn’t sure where it was going, which I like.  Are you sensing the “but” coming? Yeah, well the problem with this book is the jumps in the plot.  Things just stop and move on.  I would be flipping back a page and then forward trying to figure out if I was missing a page.  Wait, what happened in between?  I wanted more of the relationship between Tasmin and Gabriel.  I wanted their dance to finish.  I wanted conversation between them when they collapsed into bed exhausted with not so much a kiss.  And in a couple of places, I was so confused trying to read between the lines of what had just happened.  I don’t like that. 

I am interested in the story and will read Always a Witch but I think Once a Witch could have been so much better.  And if Gabriel and Tamsin’s relationship doesn’t have a bigger role in the story, I’m not going to be happy.

This is a good paranormal or urban fantasy book, but not the best.


  1. Don't worry, Always a Witch explains it all! And, there's more of Tamsin & Gabriel :)

  2. Like the sound of this one, but hope the romance is explored more in the sequel! Great review :).