Thursday, August 11, 2011

Introducing Jax from Breathe

 (Spoilery questions and answers are in yellow.  If you want to read them, highlight the text)

Welcome, Jax Stone, to StuckInBooks.  I’m so glad you take some time away from touring to talk with me.  I’ll try and keep the screaming fans back for our little chat.  

You’ve been a star for many years, but you did play baseball growing up.  Can you tell us about that experience?  

I like to believe if my parents hadn’t given in and bought me my first guitar that I’d be pitching for the Yankees right about now. I use to live for baseball season. My brother Jason would hide from me after school every day so I couldn’t haul him outside to play catcher.  

You and your brother, Jason, seem close.  Tell us about your relationship with him? Has it been hard for him living in your shadow?  

Luckily the need for spotlight was only in my genes. Jason would have turned into an introvert if it hadn’t been for me forcing him to get out and do things with me. He hates attention and most of the time lies when people ask him if he is related to me. Our resemblance and last name cause that to happen often. We are very close. Once fame landed in my lap he was the only real friend I had. 

I think some high school students wouldn’t mind missing it like you did, but what’s the alternative?  Tell us about your education.

 I realize missing out on the high school experience sounds great to those having to get up and go everyday but in reality it sucks.  A tour bus with one or both of my parents harping on me to finish my assignments wasn’t an exciting reality. I never met a teacher it was all done via internet. No classmates, baseball games, prom, getting away from your parents for eight hours and spending it with friends. I’d loved to have experienced just a little of all that. With the world tour last year I needed to take a break from school. I did finish high school but I’ve put my college education on hold until Sadie graduates. Then I am going to see if I can’t experience a taste of college life with my girl. 

Is there any current music, beside your own of course, that you like?   

Anything by Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Counting Crows. This question could get out of hand. Let’s stop with those three. They get the most action on my iPod. 

I’ve noticed your fans can get a little out of hand.  What’s the strangest request you have ever had from a fan?  

Strangely enough, I had a guy ask me to kiss his girlfriend. Apparently the dude had forgot her birthday the week before and he was looking for a way to make it up to her. For the record, I kissed her cheek. 

Sadie discovers the real Jax.  How do you keep from letting all your fame go to your head?

Jason was my anchor to the real world. Having a brother who kept me real and told me what was up when the rest of the world wanted to agree with anything I said stopped me from letting it all go to my head. Jason is quiet and reserved but he doesn’t hold back on the punches. Having him in my life has made all the difference. 

You took Sadie on a couple of dates but there were always the fans to worry about.  If you could plan any date for her and not have to worry about fans, what would you plan?

We’ve been on some elaborate dates and she loves them. But I’d really love to just be able to take her to a Guns ‘N Roses concert the way regular fans do. Stand out in the crowd with her on my shoulders,  singing along to the top of our lungs.

If you could read a book with Sadie, what would you choose and why?  

A book huh? Reading for enjoyment hasn’t been something I’ve had time for over the years. If Sadie is going to be reading this to me then I’d up for anything. 

Sadie talks about your eyes a lot.  (Looks into those steel blue eyes and get’s lost.  Shakes head.) Anyway, I think she likes your eyes best.  Do you have something about her looks that you like best? 

Her smile. When I first spotted her wiping something off my floor and she glanced up at me with that tiny puckered frown, I was pretty sure I’d do just about do anything to get her to smile. Then she finally flashed me a saucy grin before dissing me then turning and walking off. I knew I was in trouble. She’s got these full lips and when she smiles they tilt up at the corners and my heart goes a little crazy. 

What actor could play you in a movie about your life? (Can’t be you!)   

Sadie says I look like Chace Crawford. He’s a cool guy and all but I like to pretend my stellar abs would be best portrayed by Taylor Lautner. Just kidding... sort of. 

Hmm Chace Crawford, huh.  I could agree with that.

Random facts:
M&M or Skittles? Skittles 
Coffee or tea? (I don’t know why I’m asking this one – I know the answer) Ms. Mary’s ice cold sweet tea. 
Jeans or tux? Ha! Jeans
Blonds or brunettes? (I know another dumb question) Blonds of course. Unless Sadie colors her hair then my feelings may change. 
Steak or burger ? burger smothered in cheese and  topped with bacon. 
Cake or pie? Cake 
Peanut butter crunch or crunch berries? Peanut butter hands down. 

How about a couple of spoilery questions.  If you haven't read the book, stop here.  Otherwise, highlight the text so you can read it.

Jax, when you left Sadie, how did you keep going?  She went to pieces and it took a while to even pretend to deal with life again.  What was it like for you?
It was the hardest thing I've ever done. Honestly if I'd known how she would react I wouldn't have left. Screw the media. I'd have figured out another way. But I was angry with the way Sadie was being portrayed all over the media so I acted fast hoping to stop the talk. I'm not a Mama's boy, by any means, but I cried on my mother's shoulder for the first time in over thirteen years after I walked away from Sadie. I managed to make my concerts and scheduled appearances but when I wasn't working I locked myself up in my hotel room. Singing to her even when she wasn't there to hear  helped me cope enough to get by but nothing ever took the sharp pain in my chest away. 

You sang to Sadie in the hospital, which I think is so awesome.  But it was so long before she gave any sign that she was going to come back to you.  How did you keep singing?
If I hadn't kept singing, I would have lost my mind. Thinking that she might not open her eyes again and look at me wasn't a thought I could entertain. The one time I stopped long enough to think about what it would mean if she never woke up again my brother Jason had stopped by to check on Sadie and me. I remember my finger tips being numb from the endless playing and my vision being blurry. I paused and glanced up at him. I could see the fear in his eyes. Seeing the fear in my brother's eyes that I was fighting so hard to keep from entering my thoughts caused me to snap. I grabbed a bottle of water that someone had sat down beside me earlier and pelted it at his head. I screamed some things at him I am not proud of and he stood there and let me yell at him. He finally walked over and sat down beside me and began singing the lyrics to the song I had been playing when he walked in. Slowly, I calmed down and I started playing again while he sang in his off key voice.  Hearing the words I'd written just for her reminded me there was hope. I had to have hope.

Thanks, Jax, for spending some time at StuckInBooks today!  Good luck with touring and with Sadie. =)  

I think I love Jax even more after this interview!

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