Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ember by Carol Oates

My Summary:

Candra Ember has lived eighteen years without believing in angels. Then she meets a red-haired stranger in a parking garage. Nothing unusual there, right? Well, unless you count that she fell from that parking garage and lived. Or what about the gorgeous boy she saw right afterwards that she was sure had wings. Maybe the paramedics gave her something, cause that can’t be right. When she wakes up in the hospital she finds out it is right. Now that boy, Sebastian, is protecting her from other angels, or is he the danger? It’s all pretty complicated. That complication is increased when Candra has to make a choice that could mean war or love. It’s nowhere near fair.

My Thoughts:

4 stars- a great read

I enjoyed the world that Carol creates in Ember. There are angels living among us that have been here for generations. Not all angels are the same and not all are good. But it’s impossible to decide who the good ones are and who the bad ones are. It all seems to be a matter of perspective. It’s not a clear cut choice like you see in a lot of angel stories and that added to the mystery of the book.

I enjoyed Candra, the heroine. She was fiery and strong. Sometimes she flaked out a little and I wanted to smack her but she usually redeemed herself. I will admit I was confused about how her step mom treated her. Bri often acted like Candra was younger, sending her to her room. Seriously, she eighteen years old. But then it’s not your normal mother daughter relationship by a long shot.

Now, let me tell you about Sebastian. He is gorgeous, of course. He is strong and wants very much to protect Candra. But he is far from perfect. He is stubborn and hard headed. He has anger issues, yeah that describes it well. Angel wings whipped out and trashing yet another shirt, attacking without thinking. That would be Sebastian. Did I mention that he is gorgeous and very male? Yeah, I guess I did. Anyway, I’m #TeamSebastian for sure.

The only real issue I had was the ending. Candra was asking what just happened and I was doing the same thing. Not that I didn’t like the ending, I really liked the ending. It’s just… well I probably should say any more. You’ll understand cause you really should read this book. It’s a great paranormal romance. Pick it up!

Oh and the good news is that I will be having Draven and Ananchel from Ember on my blog 9-7 for character interviews.  It's gonna be so cool. =)
Plus there will be giveaways for the book and some other great things.  Check back then but in the mean time follow the blog tour that starts tomorrow.

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  1. Wonderful review :) Is this a standalone YA PNR?

  2. What a refreahing book cover! Not an angsty teen in sight :) This books sounds great. I haven't read many angel books but will give this one a try. I really like that Sebastian isn't perfect the way angels are usually portrayed.

  3. I should have guessed really when you wrote that you were #TeamSebastian ;) I wonder if there exist any standalone PNR YA.

  4. Well I look forward for the tour and will see you on the morrow :)