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True Intentions by Lisa Kuehne

(Disclaimer:  I received this ebook free from the author in exchange for my fair and honest review)

True Intentions by Lisa Kuehne (Check out the end for a giveaway for a Kindle)

My Summary:
Ava has only been sixteen for a few months when she is in a car accident with her twin brother and her father.  Both of them are in the front seat and don’t make it.  Ava, in the back seat, is the only survivor of the accident.  Her mother is unable to handle living in the same house and city with the pain of dealing with the deaths.  So they move to California to be closer to Ava’s grandparents.  There she meets Mr. Mysterious, Samuel Perry.  He has a sudden and profound effect on her.  Tall and gorgeous with the most beautiful teal eyes, Ava is addicted to him.  His strange behavior has her curious but when he saves her life she seeks the truth about him and finds some truths about herself and her twins death.  Can she resist him?  Will he protect her from the dangers of his master, Lucifer?  Just how much are either of them willing to do for love?

My Thoughts:

3 stars – A good read

I was intrigued by the world that Lisa creates in True Intentions.  There are dark angles living around us trying to tempt us to commit sin.  They are the organized team of Lucifer but they have their limits.  I liked the good verse evil aspect of the book.  The idea of being responsible for your actions regardless of who tempted you was clear. 

I did like the two main characters in the book.  Ava is a strong faithful girl who faces some very difficult trials in her life.  I like that she is willing to be strong in the face of a lot of problems.  I never got a clear picture of her looks but I liked her.  Sam is described a lot and I can clearly see him.  I like that even though he is a dark angel he has some redeeming qualities.  The story of how he became a dark angel broke my heart.  There needs to be some redemption for Sam.  The rest of the characters are so rarely involved in the story that I really didn’t get connected to them.  I think the one that should have been developed more was William.  Maybe we’ll see more from him in book two?  His sudden appearance near the end (he was in passing introduced early but never really part of the story until the end) was disconcerting.  Ava’s mom is also missing quite a bit.  I was disappointed, for example that we didn’t get to witness the scene of Sam meeting Ava’s mom.  Sam and Ava plan it, it’s skipped over, and then Sam and Ava’s mother have a relationship.  I think that was something that should have been included. 

While I’m on the topic of the writing, I think that the idea for this book is fabulous but that the writing needed more time and work.  There were too many places where we just skipped forward in time and opportunities to get to know characters and relationships just didn’t happen.  The book was short, only 257 pages.  It seems to me that there were a few chapters missing here and there that would have made it better.  Additionally, there were quite a few places were words were maybe missing or arranged wrong.  The editing could have used a few more reviews.

Finally, I have to point out the Twilight factor.  (Highlight the text to read on – a little spoilery). Personally, I really enjoyed Twilight but I get tired of the comparisons.  But it’s hard not to notice the plot elements that are very similar in this book.  I’ll mention a few.  Ava and Sam fall in love almost at once.  He saves her life and then acts very bizarre.  He warns her that she should stay away from him.  She has to puzzle out what’s going on.  He calls her actions absurd.   He’s willing to protect her at all costs.  She thinks he is totally gorgeous and talks about it a lot.  There are more but you get the idea.  Now because I liked Twilight, these didn’t bother me but it may be an issue for others.

Honestly, I enjoyed this book and read it quickly, in a little more than an afternoon.  I didn’t become emotionally involved with the characters but I could see myself reading the next book to find out what happens in the end – there’s a bit of a cliffhanger. J  If you like paranormal romance and you’re willing to over look some writing issues, then this is your book.  Enjoy the read.

Check out the trailer for this book below.

So the author of this book, Lisa Kuehne is giving away a Kindle in a very unique contest.  In True Intentions, Ava has her first kiss in a very memorable way.  So for this contest, Lisa has set up a everyBizBook contest where you can share your first kiss story in 500 words or less.  The stories will be voted on and the winner gets a Kindle.  Here are her instructions for how to register and save your story:

Go to website and click on the "e" in the top (by facebook/twitter/etc)
This is the everybizbook site where my contest tracking is held.
Click to register and it will ask you to describe your first kiss in 500 words or less.
it will list all the entries (with only first name and last initial)

Your readers/friends/neighbors/etc can go to the same place and vote. Contestants will be able to log in and see how they are doing with votes.

The winner (first kiss with the most votes) takes home the Free, brand new kindle

2nd place gets a FREE True Intentions e-book.

The contest will end July 31st. On Aug 3rd the winners will be announced...

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