Friday, June 17, 2011

SIS Read-a-thon Update #3


Total Books Read: 0
Total Pages Read: 92
Books Read Since Last Update: 0
Pages read since last update: 46
Total time read: 2 1/2 hours
How I'm currently feeling: I'm a little flustered. I have a bunch of email and blog stuff that I'm ignoring. But I really like Hereafter and what to continue reading.

Mini Challenge:

Hmm. Here goes -

There once was a Shaman who lived deep in the jungle. He hide from the people who mocked him for his believes. One day, as he meditated, a goat approached him. On the goats back was a bag of sorts. Inside the bag was a bright lime colored laser pointer and an invitation to present a PowerPoint for the people to better get to know him. His fears had come to pass. The people demanded a lecture. He ran screaming deeper into the jungle never to be seen again. The end.

Yeah, well I didn't have much to work with here. ;)

Back to reading....


  1. Stopping by to say hey <3 who dosne't love a random loving comment ;)

  2. I couldn't come up with ANYthing! I think you did well with what you were given! Keep on reading!

  3. Love it! I run screaming from power points too!! I hope you are enjoying reading today!