Saturday, March 28, 2020

What Are You Currently Reading? (3)

Hello, friends! I hope you're all holding up well in these tough & uncertain times. It's been a super stressful couple of weeks on my end, but I DID manage to get a tiny bit of reading in. I even finished a book last weekend! So now I want to talk about what's next on my reading agenda.

This weekend I'm reading...

Barbarian's Choice by Ruby Dixon

Barbarian's Choice (Ice Planet Barbarians, #11)I might be the only unmated female in my tribe, but it doesn’t mean I’ve given my heart. I’m waiting. I want resonance, and I won’t settle for anything less.

But when an alien ship lands and a handsome stranger steps out, I know he’s the one. His name’s Mardok and he’s fascinatingly different – and distractingly appealing. But Mardok can’t stay on the ice planet, and he says he can take me with him.

Now, I must make a choice. Do I stay and lose my mate forever? Or do I follow him to the stars and leave behind everything I know?

*Available through KindleUnlimited!*

How much I've read: 0 pages

Thoughts: So I haven't officially started this one yet. But I'm HOPING to breeze through it this weekend. At this point, the only books I've completed this year have been by Ruby Dixon. So I'm thinking I can't go wrong with another book by her, especially since this one is in her Ice Planet Barbarian's series--aka a series that I LOVE. That said, this one is about Farli, and the premise shows it will be a little different than the others so far. Knowing Ruby Dixon's books I'm sure this one will be great...but I'm always & forever nervous. Ha.

I'm also reading some fanfiction right now. Mostly I want to re-read one of my favorite stories by one of my fav ff authors, Moonchild707--it's called Dark Waltz.

And I just got a whole bunch of books from Apollycon, so I miiiight pick up one of those but I'm not sure yet so I'll keep quiet on that for the moment.

Now I'd love to know! What have you read lately? What will you be reading this weekend?? :)

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  1. Yesterday I finished House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas and today I started Smoke Bitten by Patricia Briggs.