Monday, March 30, 2020

Night Game by Christine Feehan ~ Review

Gator Fontenot of the Special Forces paranormal squad must reel in the elusive Iris "Flame" Johnson, a victim of the same horrific experiments that warped Gator--and a red-haired weapon of unimaginable destructive powers bent on revenge in the sultry bayous of New Orleans. But can two people haunted by violent betrayals trust the passion that soon ignites between them? Or is one of them just playing another seductive and deadly night game?

You got to love Gator.  He has the New Orleans charm and the confidence to assume all women love him.  And he's outraged at what Whitney did to Flame.  He volunteered for the experiment and what's happened to him has been horrible.  But Flame was a little girl.  That anger has him agreeing to try and find Flame.  But Flame doesn't want to be found and wants nothing to do with the Ghostwalkers.  Makes for some interesting fireworks. 

Both of these characters have strong personalities that make it easy to care about them.  I get Flames anger but she's missing some important details.  If anyone can charm her into understanding that Lily Whitney and the Ghostwalkers only want to help her, it's Gator.  But this is not all that going on in this book.  Another mystery is taking shape.  Both Gator and Flame have a vested interest in figuring it out.  Together they make an unstoppable team.

I enjoyed seeing some of the characters from the first two books.  This world is exploding into lots of stories and I'm on board to read every one of them.  But the focus in this one was New Orleans and the Bayou.  It's Gator's home and he knows it well.  Flame is comfortable there.  Once they start working on the same side, things get very interesting.  

There is a huge tidbit that comes to light in the series arching story line in this one. For that alone, you need to read it.  But it's also Gator's book.  Can't miss him, I mean really.  It's a great paranormal romance.  I am really enjoying this world of Ghostwalkers and all the conspiracy that's going on.  It's a great series to binge.


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