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Rock Chick Reborn (Rock Chick #9) by Kristen Ashley ~ Review

Rock Chick Reborn (Rock Chick, #9)Source: Purchased.

Rock Chick Reborn (Rock Chick #9) by Kristen Ashley

As a Rock Chick, Shirleen Jackson lived through all the kidnappings and explosions. Along the way, she also watched the dramatic love stories that came with those rides unfold.

But long ago, Shirleen made her choice. It affected who she was and would always be. She decided to settle for what she had and not want more. She had good friends. She was raising two fine young men who weren’t hers, but she loved them anyway.

She was good.

And then Moses Richardson crashed into her life, literally… and deliberately.

Moses has different ideas about Shirleen. He’s more interested in the Shirleen of now, mostly because she’s interesting. And funny. And loyal. Smart. Beautiful.

But Moses has a big challenge on his hands.

He has to convince Shirleen of all that.

And then convince her she deserves to have more.

So with the mega Kristen Ashley fangirl I am, I'm sure y'all can guess how ABSOLUTELY THRILLED I was when she released this cute little novella in celebration of her birthday. We'd known there was going to be a story for Shirleen, but a surprise release novella? I was freaking hyped. As I right should have been, because this is an extra little step into the Rock Chick world, and let me tell you, my friends, that this novella warmed my heart.

There are many, many great things about this book. Like Shirleen, for one. I loved getting to know more of her story and getting to see deeper into her character. She was awesome and badass before, but now we have a full view of how far she's come and it is honestly amazing. 

Another great thing about this book is THOSE BOYS. Roam and Sniff. First of all, I loved seeing them as young men. They're such good boys. Excelling at school, interning, making plans for the future. Second of all, those boys and their connection with Shirleen. Can I just say--MY HEART. Dear goodness, my heart. 

Yet another wonderful thing about this book is Moses. He's good and he's solid and understanding and he's the perfect match for Shirleen. She deserves nothing less. It was so sweet seeing them working on the foundation of a strong relationship. 

Now, there are a few things that took Rock Chick Reborn down a small notch for me (like, from 5 stars to 4 stars). First of all, there was no Tex in this book. Zero. Maybe it's just me, but I miss Tex something fierce and was hoping to get at least one moment with him. Second of all, I know this is a novella...but it was so short. I wish it was only a tad bit longer so things (or, mainly one thing--Shirleen's relationship with Moses) could have had more screen time to develop on the page, for us to read.

That said, Rock Chick Reborn is a sweet little addition to the Rock Chick series that made my heart so warm. I love these characters, and getting to see a few of them get their happy endings was well worth the read. If you're a fan of the Rock Chick series, definitely don't miss this one!

4 stars - A sweet, heart-warming addition to the Rock Chick series!

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