Friday, April 27, 2018

Blog Tour: The Greatest Risk by Kristen Ashley ~ Review & Giveaway

The Greatest Risk (Honey, #3)Source: e-ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

The Greatest Risk (Honey #3) by Kristen Ashley

A woman unable to connect, struggling to hide another part of her. A man burning to learn her truth, and make her whole. Through explosive passion and deep exploration, they are about to take the greatest risk of all. But will they be able to take that leap, and come out on the other side together? In this next passionate novel in the Honey series, New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley delivers a stunningly romantic and intensely sexy novel that will stay with you long after you turn the final page.

So I enjoyed The Deep End. And I LOVED The Farthest Edge. And this book is by KA. So my expectations for The Greatest Risk were of the positive variety, but I wasn't quite sure where in the grand scheme of POSITIVE it would land. I knew I liked Stellan and Sixx always seemed cool, so I was guessing book 3 would fall between the first two books when ranking the series -- with book 2 as my top favorite. But I am here to tell y'all that setting high expectations for The Greatest Risk is not only a good idea but the BEST idea because this book BLEW ME AWAY with how fantastic it was. Honestly and truly, The Greatest Risk is one of the best books I've read so far this year and definitely a new KA favorite for me.

First of all there's Sixx. Who has always been a fierce chick. But getting to know her much deeper in this installment reveals so much. She's even more awe-inducing than I anticipated. Her personal growth was so great to witness. But even aside from that, she's just so cool and I'm glad we got a book for her.

Then there's Stellan, and to be perfectly honest he's what MADE the book for me. I adore Sixx, but Stellan. Man. Stellan. He's so devoted to Sixx. So sure of being with her. So openly fond and in love. It was beautiful and sweet and it made me unbelievably happy.

Their story was so satisfying to read. It kicks off pretty quick and honestly gave hints a few times of going in a direction that made me nervous -- but it never did go those ways I was worried about. In fact, the directions the book actually went in made me SO HAPPY. Stellan and Sixx together are literal perfection, and I am in awe of Kristen Ashley for writing such beauty.

Overall, The Greatest Risk is a beautiful addition to the Honey series and is definitely not to be missed! In regards to the Honey series, The Greatest Risk is now tied for my favorite along with The Farthest Edge -- and Branch is some tough competition. ;)

5 stars - A beautiful addition to the Honey series -- Stellan & Sixx are perfection!

Kristen Ashley is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over fifty novels, including Mystery Man, The Gamble, and Own the Wind. She grew up in Indiana, but has lived in Colorado and the West Country of England.

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  1. I have not read any of Kristen Ashley's books but this one looks good.

  2. I don't think I've read any of Kristen's books yet. I'm looking forward to. Thank you

  3. She is one of my favorite author. I love all her books especially Knight

  4. This would be my first read by this author.

  5. Deacon is my first favorite followed by Motorcyle Man

  6. Penmort Castle (I love all her paranormal or fantasy series) and or Breathe

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. These will be the first book I have read these author. Thank you for the chance.

  9. Walk Through Fire was one of my favorites.

  10. I'm in the middle of The Deep End now and enjoying it. Not sure I can pick one fave KA book. In the Dream Men series, I'd go with Mystery Man since it was my first KA. In Rock Chicks, I'd go with Rock Chick Redemption. In Colorado Mountain, gotta go with Sweet Dreams (If Tate can't give you Sweet Dreams, no one can!). In Chaos, Own the Wind. I've seen a lot of posts for folks having not tried KA yet. I'd suggest Mystery Man or The Gamble to start with and then continue on in the series you choose. Have fun, KA is an author NOT to be missed!

  11. I would say that I am tied between Walk Through Fire and Three Wishes as my favorite KA books! Three Wishes because it was my first KA book so it holds a special place in my heart and it was freaking awesome! Walk Through Fire (Chaos Series) because when Millie tells High why she’s done walking through fire for him...even though I have read this series 4 times! is so freaking heart wrenching that tears run down my face every time! The whole book is a work of magic, but that scene is one of the best scenes of all time in her books! And I have read them all!

  12. I love so many of KA's books, but one of my favorites and one I've read like 6 times is Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain #2). I don't care how many times I read that one, it just gives me all the feels. Thanks for the chance! <3