Monday, March 5, 2018

From Unseen Fire by Cass Morris ~ Spotlight

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DAW HC | 9780756412241 | April 17, 2018

ABOUT THE BOOK:Mixing Roman history with epic fantasy, FROM UNSEEN FIRE imagines a Rome that was built on a foundation of elemental magic, where mages and statesmen fight to gain control over the city of Aven.  One such mage, Latona, must re-discover her incredible powers of Fire and Spirit--which she suppressed for years at the Dictator's court--in order to protect her family and the city she loves.

Cass Morris writes professionally for the education department at the American Shakespeare Center, where she has worked since graduating in 2010 with an MLitt. from Mary Baldwin College. From Unseen Fire is her first novel.
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I wanted to alert you of one of our newest upcoming titles, FROM UNSEEN FIRE by debut author Cass Morris. I’m writing to ask if you’d consider running a spotlight feature of this title on your site in March. I have a special short Q&A from the author that I can send for you to include with your post.

Chosen as one of Barnes & Noble’s Sci Fi and Fantasy Blog’s highlight titles, FROM UNSEEN FIRE is a stunning debut that’s sure to appeal to fans of rich historical fantasies like Outlander and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.

Set in an alternate Rome where elemental magic shapes the rule of the land, FROM UNSEEN FIRE weaves history and fantasy into a thrilling plot about a republic on the verge of collapse. Brimming with magic and adventure, Latona, an elemental mage, must unleash her magical potential to save the city she loves. As senators, generals and fellow mages vie for the power over the city of Aven, Lavona’s burgeoning relationship with a rising politician may jeopardize the very future they seek to build in Aven.

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