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Renegade's Pride by B.J. Daniels ~ Excerpt & Giveaway

About Renegade’s Pride

Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: HQN Books (February 28, 2017)
The renegade cowboy returns 
It’s been nine years since Trask Beaumont left Gilt Edge, Montana, with an unsolved crime in his wake, and Lillian Cahill has convinced herself she’s finally over him. But when the rugged cowboy with the easy smile suddenly shows up at her bar, there’s a pang in her heart arguing the attraction never faded. And that’s dangerous, because Trask has returned on a mission to clear his name and win Lillie back.
Tired of running, Trask knows he must uncover the truth of the past before he can hope for a future with the woman he’s never forgotten. But if Lillie’s older brother, the sheriff, learns that Trask is back in town, he’ll arrest him for murder. Now Trask is looking for a showdown, and he won’t leave town again without one—or without Lillie.
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About B. J. Daniels

NYT and USA Today Bestselling author B.J. Daniels was born in Texas but moved with her family to Montana at the age of five. Her first home was a cabin in the Gallatin Canyon and later a lake house on Hebgen Lake outside of West Yellowstone.
Most of her books are set in Montana, a place she loves. She lives now in a unique part of the state with her husband and three Springer Spaniels.
When she isn’t writing, she loves to play tennis, boat, camp, quilt and snowboard. There is nothing she enjoys more than curling up with a good book.

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Oh, he was not going to like this. “I hacked into the clinic’s computer and copied some files,” she added. “Hacked into the senator’s computer, too, and then I put a listening device in Conceptions Clinic.”
Now, Holden’s cursing got a whole lot worse. For good reason. Because she’d just rattled off enough crimes to put her in jail. But she’d had an even bet­ter reason to do this.
To save Annie’s son.
“That’s what the thug was talking about,” Holden snarled. “Where are the files and what’s in them?”
Nicky decided to skip the where part and move to the what. Just in case the thug had managed to turn the tables on her and bug her car.
“The ones I copied from Conceptions were marked ‘the Genesis Project,’” she explained. “No names were connected with them, just case numbers, and when I looked at one, I figured out from the dates that the case number was Annie and Emmett’s.”
She’d tell him about the other info in them later. For now, Nicky focused on taking the road to the B and B.
“I don’t know who did it, but someone stole Annie and Emmett’s embryo and implanted it into a sur­rogate. And last week, the surrogate gave birth to a boy.” Nicky turned off her car’s headlights as she approached the B and B, and she pulled off the road, parking behind some trees.
Holden shook his head, stayed quiet a moment. “Could be it was a mix-up. Or maybe the embryo was donated to another couple who used a surrogate?”
Mercy, she wanted to latch onto that and believe it. “Then, why did that man just threaten me?”
“I don’t know. Maybe you stole more than one set of files or pissed off more than just these people. Or it could have something to do with why the FBI wants to arrest you.”
Even if it was true, it was still too big of a risk to let them move the baby. Of course, Holden might not believe there was a baby. He soon would, though.
“Who’s inside that place?” he asked.
“Probably more men like the one who came to my house tonight.” Hired guns to protect very pre­cious cargo until they could get her father to pay up. “Look, I don’t have time to explain all of this, but if they move the baby, we might never find him.”
She didn’t voice her greatest fear, that the goons inside might try to harm him so there’d be no proof of what they’d done.
“What if there really is a baby inside?” he went on. “How would we even know if it’s Emmett and Annie’s?”
She motioned toward her hair. “According to what I heard from the eavesdropping device, he’s a gin­ger.” Not exactly rare but at least it was something like Annie and me. Besides, she thought she might recognize her own sister’s child.

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