Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Semi-Scripted (A Wanderlove Novel) by Amanda Heger ~ Release Day Blitz

“Katie MacAlister meets Jimmy Fallon.”
Kirkus Reviews

by Amanda Heger

Readers enthralled with Amanda Heger’s debut contemporary romance, Without Borders (Diversion; 2016) wondered how she would follow up the heartfelt and headstrong book set in the jungles of Nicaragua? Where would she go from here?

In your hands, you hold the answer. In SEMI-SCRIPTED (Diversion Trade Paperback Original; $14.99; November 8, 2016), she goes to Los Angeles in a start-to-finish joy to read. Fans of Lia Riley, Colleen Hoover, and Jennifer Blackwood, will delight in this gorgeous standalone romance.

Marisol Gutierrez has come to Los Angeles with a single goal: win the prestigious grant that will save her family’s struggling medical clinic back in Nicaragua. But, when a cute guy invites her to sit in the audience of a hip-but-falling comedy program, Marisol figures she’ll get a little entertainment out of her otherwise stress-filled trip.

Evan Abramson thought an internship at the So Late It’s Early Show would be the start of a long television-writing career, but their ratings are sinking. With every show, his plans seem one step closer to collapse. When a backstage crisis throws him into an onstage encounter with the gorgeous and charming Marisol, the two become overnight sensations. And soon their made-for-television romance is the only thing keeping So Late from cancellation.

As things heat up onscreen and off, Marisol and Evan are caught between their career and their growing feelings for one another. Being together in front of the cameras put Marisol’s grant at risk, but keeping their romance off-screen means Evan’s show is sure to fail. Together they have to decide whether to stick with the script and save their careers or improvise their way toward a happily ever after.


About the author:
Amanda Heger is a writer, attorney, and bookworm. She lives in the Midwest with her unruly rescue dogs and a husband who encourages her delusions of grandeur. Her debut romance, Without Borders, is available now from Diversion Books. The story was inspired by the summer Amanda spent in rural Nicaragua, eating gallo pinto, speaking mangled Spanish, and showing high school students how to slide condoms onto over-sized plantains. Visit her online at www.amandaheger.com.     


Praise for Without Borders:

“This adventurous novel takes its lively characters on an immersive journey…Despite the serious nature of their mission, the story retains a light touch while still allowing moments of heartfelt caring to shine through.”
RT Book Reviews

Without Borders by Amanda Heger is like a slow burn with your favorite scented candle. It lulls you in, mesmerizes, feeds your senses, sometimes flickers, and you just want it to last.”
—Heroes & Heartbreakers

Without Borders is…a story about losing yourself and then finding yourself again. It’s about discovering beauty in the small details of life and being stronger than you ever thought you could be.”
—Agents of Romance

“Unique and unlike anything I’ve ever read, Without Borders is a sweet and witty romance that will warm your heart.”
—Melissa Brown, author of the Love of My Life series

Without Borders had me laughing from the first chapter and finishing with a full heart. The attraction between Felipe and Annie is hotter than a month in a Nicaraguan jungle. Heger’s debut is poignant and crackles with a wry, authentic, relatable voice that will appeal to anyone who’s ever felt like a twenty-something fish out of water.”
—Lia Riley, author of the Off the Map series

“Heger gave me a refreshing, romantic read, with an exciting new spin on the ‘road trip’ trope! It managed to broaden my view of the world and make me swoon at the same time. I enjoyed every minute of it and I can’t wait until the next book!”
—Nicole Michaels, author of the Hearts and Crafts series

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